Is increasing the dose of Insulin during intake of Sweet or Heavy Food is OK

I am an Engineer, a Civil Engineer who is in-charge of Construction activities in the field and also work in the office. I've been a diabetic since 1994. Then the Doctor suggested to me Semi Diaonil. Later, I was given diaonil and then put on Glocored in different doses. In 2010, my doctor suggested to take insulin, Human Mixtard, from then to present date, I'm on insulin with a different dose.

Recently, my friend suggested to me to have more insulin when I eat sweet or have heavy food. is this suggestion followable?

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  • Did your doctor tell you to count carbs for each meal and/or snack? What amount of insulin did your doctor want you to start with for the dosage? If you do too little for the amount of food you eat, then your numbers will go too high. If you eat too little and you do too much insulin, then you may have hypos. and that isn't good, either. You always want to take the amount that will keep you from going very high or very low. Please ask your doctor, first before you change any of the doses. By the way, are you type 1, type 2 or LADA (1.5)?

  • Please explain what is "LADA" Thnx.

  • LADA is betwee type 1 and 2 diabetes.

  • Thnx Sir. I live California . USA

  • You're welcome!😀

  • Lapra

    Well you have not mentioned any reports and about your height weight etc.

    Which county do you live in?Metformin is the first drug to be prescribed. Then other drugs are added if required.

    You seem to have not taken care of your diabetes. Insulin shots are not desirable. It'll not only worsen your D but gradually you will need more and more insulin. Take care of your diet. 90% of your D will be taken care of by diet management. No to sweets and sugar. Please learn about IDM.

    Good luk.

  • Human body may not follow engineering theories . Better not to take sweets .

  • LADA means Latent autoimmune diabetes of adults.

    Please avoid sugar. Excessive consumption of sugar indirectly affects the whole body and the risk factor for heart attack, kidney failure and stroke increases.


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