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10 yoga asanas to reduce blood sugar levels in diabetics (gallery)

India is soon set to become the diabetes capital of the world and changing lifestyles are a major contributor to the epidemic. While blood sugar levels can be controlled to some extent, just with small changes in lifestyle, practising yoga regularly has also shown to improve insulin sensitivity and reduce blood sugar levels. Watch this gallery to see what asanas can help:


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here is something interesting....


....Well, no wonder dietary changes didn’t make any difference. That wasn’t their problem. It was the cortisol/ stress pathway all along.

While I wish I could write that we helped fix them, the unfortunate truth is that these problems are much harder to fix. While there are time tested ways of reducing stress and cortisol levels, most patients simply do not take our advice to look into mindfulness mediation/ prayer/ religion/ yoga/ acupuncture/ massage. They came to a diet clinic and got advice to meditate. They look at me or Megan like we have two heads.


request not to discontinue medicine assuming yoga will take care. unless test reports are showing reduction in sugar levels / HbA1c, continue medicines.


Okay everyone, I have been a diabetic for 30 years. I acquired it when I was pregnant with my last child. My father died from heart failure as a result of his diabetes at 76. My mother is still alive at 90. For years I have been searching and searching for a remedy. I have probably read more than most diabetic as well as try everything from paleo to cinnamon, bitter melon, exercise etc. Last year I got my hands on a book from Dr. Richard K. Bernstein. The first time around with the diet I fell off because I was actually eating too much fat, (got to read the proporations of ingredients). Anyway, tried it again very seriously and I am please to tell you it does work. This man is a diabetic and was long ago he is a type 1. I am a type 2. Last month my A1c went from 7.8 to 6.4. In January I know it will be even lower than that, as so far my 90 day average is 151 and my 7 day average is 128. I believe it has to be 160 in order to get a 6.5 A1c. I am shooting for lower than that. I am now 62 and weigh 115 from my normal 130. It matters, even if you are not overweight. I walk about every other day for at least 30 minutes. Every time I veer off the diet and have any of the carbs he tells you not to eat, sure enough my BS goes up. You all just have to commit to doing this, it is the only way. I have also read about DR. Roy Taylor from England and his theory. It can happen, one day after I got down to about 113, its ok, I am only 5'2", my BS went down to the 90's, I have even had days I am at high 60's. I don't go low because now I don't have to take as much Metformin. Sometimes I don't have to take it at all. Its GREAT! Give it a try.

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