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uncontrolled blood sugar level.


hello, I am 32 years old having a sugar problem from last 5 to 6 years, for me keeping sugar under control is the most impossible task.plz, help me to control my sugar level.

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You need to read some of the earlier posts and ask specific questions.

What are your blood test numbers?

What do you eat on a daily basis?

Are you on any medication?

Later on I can answer come of your specific questions.

8.30 am- breakfast -I take 1 cup of tea with little sugar and poha or upma .

in the morning i take 1 Jalara 50 mg and 1 glucobay 25.

10.30 in the office I take 1 cup of tea.

1 pm- lunch 2 chapati and any vegetable which is available.

3.30 1 cup of tea.

immediately after reaching home at 6.30 pm i take one cup of tea with 2 to 3 biscuits.

in dinner, I eat daliya, dal dhokli, macaroni, oats beasn chilla etc near about 8.45 pm.

with dinner, I take 1 Jalara 50 mg and 1 glucobay 25.

my fasting sugar is never less than 250 and really afraid to check pp sugar.

my HbA1C IS 10.2 plz suggest me whole day routine so that my sugar level will be under control

greetings, you can be cured but little process is there and my friends have come out of this (that includes who had low sugar and almost he was on going to coma that type). Now no low sugar issue and ignores his wife and avoid taking medicines (country medicines) I have earlier some process to be followed and if not able to fine out, let me know, and will re-write again step by step. Nothing to worry and it is not a disease. There are some some simple yoga and if this is also done, too good and can be further beneficial and becomes more healthy and flexible.

god bless


just stick to necessary food, cut out all the bits you eat with tea!!, very difficult.

Just go for three main meals per day, no hidden or free sugar in food.

Eat mainly green leafy vegetables and natural fat.

I'm sure there will be lots of advice to the contrary, but the fact remains that glycaemic load relates closest to blood glucose levels, and that comprises Glycaemic index (Gi) divided by 100 multiplied by the available amount of carbohydrate of a food (g).


Have you talked with your doctor about the blood sugars? Did they say anything about counting carbs. for each meal and snack? Are you type 1, 2 or LADA (1.5)? What are your blood sugars during the day?

Switch to LCHF.. message me I will provide you more details

plz, send me a good diet plan to control my elevated blood sugar level. I really need good advice. I am a Maharashtrian and vegetarian person .suggest me a good diet plan

Eat only two times when u are hungry & keep time same for every day you are diabetic so donot eat any sweet item do first chek blood sugar hba1c and then start this lifestyle for three month & see the result you will surprise

All carbohydrate is glucose to our body, whether sweet or savoury phcuk.org/sugar

Only sweet items just as laddu etc

I'm not sure what you're asserting. The laws of biochemistry are immutable; follow the link to see how much sugar common foods break down to.

The ancient Egyptians (evidenced by mummies) suffered the same chronic ill-health as modernity (including type-2), by following a too heavily grain-based diet.

You can read more on LADA on this link:


You need to ask your doctor a lot of questions!

You have to control blood sugar by low-carbohydrate diet, aerobic exercise and medications.

Check your fasting blood sugar daily and postprandial blood sugar occasionally.

Carbohydrates are sugars that come in 2 main forms - simple and complex. This is also referred to as simple sugars and starches. The difference between a simple and complex carb is in how quickly it is digested and absorbed - as well as it's chemical structure.

They're made up of longer chains of sugar molecules, which makes them take longer to digest. Since complex carbs are digested more slowly than simple carbohydrates, most sources do not raise blood sugars as quickly as simple carbohydrates. ... The healthiest complex carbohydrates are the least processed or refined.

15 Starchy or Complex Carb Foods

* Oatmeal (old-fashioned or Steel Cut)

* Yams (almost same as sweet potatoes)

* Brown rice (love basmati, a long grain rice)

* Sweet potatoes.

* Multigrain hot cereal (mix or barley, oats, rye, triticale, and a few others)

* White potatoes with skin (glycemic index be damned!)

* 100% whole wheat bread.

Simple carbohydrates usually contain no vitamins or minerals and are often a source of empty calories. Complex carbohydrates are made from sugars that are combined together to form starches. These include grains, starchy vegetables, beans, rice, pasta, breads and other foods made with flour.

Many complex carbohydrates break down to glucose faster than table sugar to glucose. Follow this link glycemicindex.com/about.php The paragraph above the graph towards the bottom of the page states that the WHO considers the distinction between complex and simple carbs as obsolete. Gi is the measure of how fast carbohydrate is digested to blood glucose, and when combined with the amount of available carbohydrate defines the effect on the amount of blood glucose the body has to cope with.

Gi levels be damned is effectively saying pay no attention to blood glucose levels; an attitude that fuels insulin-resistance.

greetings again

Certain food to be avoided which you are having and it is mandatory until it is cured.

the best way is u take insulin novarapid 10 IU before lunch and basalog 10 IU at night

u can increase it accordingly

Hi depali

Forget everything

Use VICTOZA pen the latest pen for type 2 diabetes it will help u sheds pounds and will reduce your hba1c.

It's little expensive but mind it it's magic.

in reply to sakamani

It's not insulin ok it's liraglutide.

I dislike this comment. I dislike everything where people try to go shortcuts. Why not eat right and follow a disciplined life?

Have you ever tried IF or KETO for that matter?

Dekh Bhai longstrong.

I can give my history of medicines that I have taken and the energy I lost while not having mood to do any exercise or walk .

My hba1c gone to 5.8 to 8.0

Midfasting and kito also I tried but energy matters and this VICTOZA

U should read it's features first rather disgreeing or blaming anyone for shortcuts it's been prescribed to me by a physician. So I am sharing my results.

No need of your history, neither readings.

I practice Intermittent fasting daily, do my 1.5 hrs weight training empty stomach and survive on 2 meals later on.

Since I am practicing IF, my strength has increased tremendously. I push 100 KG x 2 on seated bench, single hand. (Not to show off, just giving some statistics of my progress)

Anything external, whether medicine/injection is a shortcut, until and unless, you could get away with it by adjusting your diet, lifestyle and exercising. People who are in immediate need of medicine could be understood, but taking meds/using anything external, while lying on ur couch munching chips isn't fine IMHO.

I have every right to disagree with you or anyone else for that matter and so do you!


Ok man continue till u can do. Cheers

in reply to sakamani

10 times costier than normal insulin

in reply to talwaria

I agree it's expensive but the medicines I have taken is almost a half amount what I am paying and getting nothing rather loosing energy and going towards hba1c higher levels slowly so now I am reversing loosing weight having energy by paying 50% more

Hello Sakamani, Can you please tell me where i can get this. I tried in online but no much sites selling .

Thanks in advance.

In Karachi I can get it from big pharmacies but I am taking it directly from Novo Nordisk as they are selling little cheaper and training free how to use.

In India u can better check with Novo Nordisk directly in think it will help.

Hi Thanks for the response. I dont think many diabetes doctors know much about VICTOZA here. Do we need to ask any physicians about usage?

Or any standard quantity to be take?

My doctor is Dr Nanik aga Khan hospital Karachi Endocrinologist/diabologist

Try to find any good Endocrinologist.

Just to pin point, what have you done personally, till now, to address this issue yet (apart from taking medicines) ?


I would literally advise you to try Intermittent Fasting and workout atleast 5 days a week.

Checkout my earlier reply on similar kind of post.


Dear Deepali, diabetes get reverse by following proper diet and exercise.. Freedom From Diabetes is an inspired healthcare initiative that enables diabetics to lead a healthy and stress-free life!

6,000+ patients have already become free of medications/ insulin from FFD’s proven Diabetic Reversal Programs. To know more, give a call at 7776077760 or share your number.. We will give you a call.

Hi, greetings and cheers.

What's your blood group. ...




My hba1c was 10.2 and 6.7 after 8 months. I have confidence that it will

be less than 6.7 after 12 months.

Start walking around 4 Kms in the

morning and 2 or 3 Kms in the

evening. I am taking glimisave m1.3

after breakfast and before dinner.

Follow diet . This will definitely

work. Test your eyes . Consistent

high blood sugars affect retina also.

I had also the same problem.

But everything can be kept under


Best luck !

I m also having diabetes.my Hba1c was 8.3.sugar level 192.one month before I HV started dr.jagannath dixit dieat plan .now my sugar is normal.it is based on intermittent fasting.see video on youtube.many people became non-diabetic after three months of following this diet plan.have try.i m v happy.

Use food as medicine.

Eat what you need, three simple meals per day, no more in between, very difficult. Fresh veg, fresh fruits, home cooked simple meals.

No fast food.

Health education is very important at home. Have a look at food labels to understand the sugar. No one mentioned chick peas or lentils, boiled, not fried in oil, green leaf veg, plenty of them in India. Sweet potatoes and many more locally grown food.

Try the following food and check the sugar level after 2 hrs.

make salad having salad cucumber- 2/3 numbers, red pepper ( capsicum) - half/one, lettuce or cabbage ( a small portion) , two /three strawberry, 10-15 blue berries/or half portion of apple ( green one is best). add olive oil and lemon juice for dressing.

if you blood sugar level stabilise after 2 hrs having the salad, then u shall continue the salad diet.

all the best.

in reply to rvsiv

Red apple is the best one with skin!

All diabetics, please see this video and subscribe to Dr. BERGs channel

Going through your daily meals, all I see is food full of carbohydrates. I developed pre-diabetes an year ago because of chronic sleep deprivation and carbohydrates rich food.

The trick is to view diabetes as ‘Carbohydrates toxicity’.

Now, poha is one of the most nutrient less carbohydrates rich food eaten in India. Upma is no better. Why have tea with sugar? You can use sucralose. It has no affect on BS.

2 chapatis are good 50-60 grams of carbs. Again, a huge spike in BS.

2-3 biscuits? Very unhealthy. 2-3 biscuits = Zero nutrients + 25-30 gms of carbs.

Your dinner too is full of carbs.

What I suggest (including what has worked for me):

Follow LCHF- Low carbohydrates high fat.

Eating good fats is good for us. Fat doesn’t make us fat. Carbohydrates are the culprit! They are for physical labour. Do we do labour in 2019? No.

Eat protein + Fat

Just enough carbs at night to get good sleep.

Breakfast: 15 almonds (110 calories)

1 Moong dal chilla (add some ghee if you want)

Tea (with sucralose)

Lunch : Sautéed vegetables (crisp and healthy) with some chicken (or a bit of paneer if you’re a vegetarian). Put flaxseeds and til in the vegetables.

Evening snack: Tea with 5-6 cashews (Replace biscuits with nuts)

Dinner: Lentils (Rajma, bengal gram, dals)

Green vegetables

Chicken, Fish, seafood (elixir for good health)


Moong daal chilla can replace every wheat based roti in your diet. I’ve seen that grains with gluten really exacerbate my BS levels. Hence moong dal chilla does real good to me and people I know.

Follow the above and watch the changes in your health.

Also do strength training. Activated muscles consume that extra sugar in your blood.

Hi dear, all things are absolutely possible when we follow the laws of health. I will suggest that you put away eating pass 3pm. Unless you work nights. Reason is that any food we eat when our body is in relax mood turns into sugar. That sugar is what gives the body energy to function, but if there is no movement after eating, then that food we eat late in the evening stays in our system and creates disease.

Think on this Theory. Do you put GAS in your vehicle to STAY or to GO? when will be the best time to put the GAS in your vehicle? That's one of your breakthrough. Work on that and let me know. if you believe in God please pray.

Required energy or stored energy or fuel to burn?

you can have a car fuel tank full of petrol, if you do not need the car nothing is lost and you do not need to fill it!

Human body needs energy to function, there is minimum. But you can over do it then it becomes a problem.

I am afraid god is unable to help you with unnecessary energy in your body!

in reply to Godchild1

In terms of sugar, the body generally has adequate reserves from glycogen. We only need to eat sufficient carbohydrate to replenish what has been used, to avoid exhaustion.

When glycogen reserves are full, any excess carbohydrate is turned to fat. Too much of this fat, from de novo lipogenesis, leads to chronic ill-health.

With diabetes, the blood stream has more than enough glucose by definition.

Get ur kidney test done asap! Bcz ur glucose is very high and persistent high blood sugar can damage the kidneys!

NO SUGAR, CARBS (BREAD OR RICE) Low Sugar Fruit,and Greens

Deepali, I too have diabetes for the last 5-6 yrs. I have been taking medication but gradually the dosage has gone up in an attempt to keep sugar in control. I was fed up taking medication, as tablets were ruling my life. But no more, I told myself enough is enough and decided to change my diet to a low carb one. I made it a point to eats very few carbs at night, that too mostly complex carbs and balance meal consists of protein and fats. 10 days into this diet, I noticed my weight dropping. I am very obese and also have severe knee problem. But once weight started reducing I found movement was easier. Then I heard about intermittent fasting. I started the 16:8 fast and now there is no looking back. I am regularly losing weight but the best part I have been able to bring my sugar down to 130- 140 without any medication. Just diet and fasting. I do not starve but am enjoying eating healthy. I have cut off sugar, wheat and rice and refined oil from my diet. I cook only in ghee, use olive oil, coconut oil and butter in moderation. Been doing this for the last 3 months successfully and I am so happy now. People too have noticed a change. Pls stop consuming sugar, have green tea or black tea. Use only brown rice if u want to eat rice, use millets instead of wheat for chapaties. All the best.

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