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Is blood sugar level increase just after exercise?

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Hi everyone,

I had measure the blood sugar level in the morning and it was 131, and found surprisly high as 156 just after one hour exercise. Exercise includes fast walk, jogging and 10- 15 mins yoga. Pls suggest what to do?

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It does happen.The liver,by default ,releases glucose from it's reserves sensing that the body is in need of additional supplies of glucose to meet the increased physical activity.In a normal person,since he has adequate insulin,the glucose is metabolized as needed.Among diabetics,due to inadequate insulin,the sugar level spikes but eventually comes down in due course.I faced a similar situation and switched to evening walks.

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namahaAdministrator in reply to ramana42

Agree with your views. But why you have to stop morning walk and switch to evening ????

Morning after breakfast (post meal) , you can have your usual walk. Morning walk post meal matters much to control and maintain your Overall Blood glucose levels for the whole day. You can still have your evening walk.

Friends !

As it is, Body Cells are lazy for T2, let us not make them lazier by not exercising. As you walk/ exercise, your body cells would be forced to take up the sugar, even with less insulin in circulation. In other words your insulin resistance body will now become insulin sensitive to a great extent if you exercise , walk at regular intervals.

So the Take away from my own experience is that walk, walk & walk post meal. Don't walk when you are fasting. Normally early morning walking before breakfast is considered a fasting state !

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ramana42Volunteer in reply to namaha

I changed to evening walk because some how I found it suitable.If walking after breakfast is found suitable,it should be alright.

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"Pls suggest what to do?"

What are the guide lines for glucose monitoring?

Every human body is different and react differently to to every situation!

We need to d our own life adjustment.

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namahaAdministrator in reply to sandybrown

First you need to have a reliable Gluco- Meter !

And check your blood glucose level at different situations !

For example, (1) You may check your fasting blood glucose level in the morning before you start your physical exercise and again check after exercise before breakfast (fasting) and check your PP 1.30-2 hours after your breakfast .

(2) You check your fasting blood glucose level. Don't do any exercise. Take Your your physical exercise for 45 mnts. And take your pp reading at 1.30-2 hours.

Keep your breakfast same on both days and see the difference in readings and find out what suits you.

My readings for experiment number:

(1) Fasting before exercise before breakfast. 103

After exercise it was 115.

Then I had my LCHF breakfast, my pp after 2 hours was 120.

My experiment number (2) in next day.

Fasting 107. Had my LCHF breakfast same as previous day, then tread mill fast walk.exercise at 6 KMPH for 30 mnts- 0 inclination and thereafter resistance training for 20.mnts. My PP reading was 109.

You can have your own experiment and follow what suits you according to your body structure, BMI, and food habits !

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rehan99 in reply to namaha

Can you suggest to me how long one should wait after the meal before starting walking?

is 15-20 Minutes okay?

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namahaAdministrator in reply to rehan99

10-15 mnts wait after meal should be ok.

And you should walk very fast to your max capacity without straining too much, or tread mill @6-7 KMPH if you can or do some dynamic exercise depending upon your health and physical condition.

And before standardising in to a regular practice , please first do your experiment with glucometer for few days as mentioned in my previous message.

Also my readings were with LCHF diet.

The time duration of exercise needs to be customised depending upon your BMI, your capacity and how your body responds in lowering blood glucose. It could be 30mnts to 45 mnts post meal.

Diet and exercise are the destroyers of Diabetic disorder ! 😊

Also you can do some mind/body relaxing techniques such as meditation/ Pranayam first thing in the morning after you get up for 15-20 mnts .

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1. Exercise is good for diabetics even if it raises the blood sugar temporarily. People react differently to exercise.

2. During exercise, stress hormones, like adrenaline and cortisol are released which have the effect of raising blood sugar ( supplied by liver) and insulin resistance makes it difficult to transport blood sugar to where they are needed. That leads to rise in blood sugar.

3. As namaha and ramana42 mentioned, you should avoid exercising empty stomach (fasted state). Post-meal exercise will be better for you.

4. In the long run, exercise will improve insulin sensitivity and control blood sugar more efficiently.

5. You may find the link below useful:

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So if you do not have enough insulin available, your blood glucose levels can actually increase right after exercise. Basically, stimulated by the demand from your exercising muscles, your body is pouring glucose into your bloodstream. ... Do not exercise if your blood sugar is over 250 mg/dl and you have ketones.

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Same with me also. Generally BS increase after excercise in diabrtic persons as body require more energy at that time

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