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my complete history

1. my history :- i think my diabetes type is type 2 and i have tested first time on 3rd nov 2016 recently

i am having thyroid since 10 years and taking medicines regular so it is normal , i having BP, fatty liver,

PCOS and obese as well ,because of these problems i am not able to conceive and now i am having diabetes also.

2. diabetes numbers are:-

i fasting it's 175 mg/dl

after 1 hour of glucose it is 380

and after 2 hours it is 360

3. currently i am not taking any medicines for diabetes trying to control myself taking karela juice and avoiding sugar , regular walk and yoga

4.taking homeopathy treatment for PCOS and thyrox 50 for thyroid

this is my history every doctor said first i have to reduce 15 kg weight after that i can conceive,

please help me suggest proper diet to reduce weight or all these diseases.

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priyankaupadhayay22 ji ...

If it suites you.....

First of all you need to cut down on your carbs intake... your total carbs intake should no be more than 100 Gms total in entire day...

You must not touch any fruit.....for at least 6 months...

If possible you may eat roti made of long wheat...(5000 Gms of long wheat mixed with 250 Gms of Methi dana)

You should take food only two times in day....and any other time if you feel hungry you may much some almonds or walnuts...even fresh coconut meat will be helpful....

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Let's go by our standard protocol.

Know her IR and bcf. Also hba1c, microalbuminuria and lipid profile. Rest of basic the information she has.

Also lft and ggt levels.

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very true suramo bhai.....

Once that is known she can chalk out better strategy....


my lipid profile is normal , hba1c is 7.8


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