Do away with carbs completely and live diabetes-free-life

I started with reducing carbs and I thought I cannot live without roti, I have overcome this and no it is not difficult. Initially I thought dals are ok and non-carbs but slowly realized they eventually converts into carbs. I had a trial day of no carb meals yesterday and from today for next 2 weeks I will take a trial regimen.

I am posting my meals here for anyone who want to benefit.

Morning FBS 138

Breafast ( at 9.00 am) : 2 boiled eggs with seasoning and 1 tbsp grated cheese with black tea

mid -meal ( at 12.00): handful of almonds and walnuts (5 almonds 3 walnuts)

Lunch : (at 2.00 pm) : 1 bowl of cooked veg (bhindi fry) 2 kebabs some cabbage and radish salad and 1 glass of chaas.

evening snack : ( at 5.30 pm) : 1 cup (150 ml) of full fat chilled milk 3 almonds crushed and added to it

Dinner : (8.00 pm) 1 big bowl of spinach soup with 1 tsp of butter, 1 tandoori chicken leg piece.

woke up to FBS 98 and no medicine.

We have the cure in our hand leave those dreaded carbs and we live diabetes free life. Let us accept our body cannot accept the carbs don't feed it, it is not difficult not when you imagine the ailments diabetes might give us.

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  • Naqsh: Does the above meet your daily calorie requirement?

  • Calorie theory is not correct fully, use only 500 to 800 calorie in this season.

  • agree. 1200 cals on LCHF increased my weight 5 kg

  • anilgupta101: Really? I need at least 2,100 to maintain BMI between 20 and 21. My BMI in 2004-2013 averaged 25.5 and my height now is 72 inches (at age 19/20 I was 1.5 inches taller)...

  • In cold countries you need much more energy. Also age matters, young have a higher metabolism. Also some families need less. Varies from one individual to another.

  • As per BMR equations and sedentary lifestyle of mine, my daily calorie need would be

    BMRX1.2 and BMR for my case worked out to 1610kcal, which means i should be consuming around 1920kcal/day. I doubt I consume that much.

  • kclvbn: Really. My BMI drops when I take less than 2,000 calories. My BMI is 20.4. Had gone down to 20.1. I'd like it to be 20.6 or 20.8 because prior to third time diabetes, it averaged 25.5.

  • You are spending roughly 640kcal/day on walking 8 km/day to cover the higher carbs intake (50% cal is from carbs if i recall correctly). If we remove that then 1400kcal/day is what you need.

    My BMI moves in the range 24/25 and i never overshoot on blood sugar values. No walks, no drugs, KFT/LFT/LIPIDS/Cardiac markers all normal. I have never done calorie counting on daily basis. Just watch the scale and if weight moves up, i cut down nuts for a few days. I make sure i do not cross 76kg. Normally it varies between 74-76kg, which is overweight for my height.

  • @medfree,

    Is there something like, we need some amount of Basic calories, just to take care of the Basic Metabolic Activities ( for eg. respiration, heart pumping, etc ).


  • Recyan:

    Yes. They call it BMR or something.

    Women have a lower BMR than men due to less lean body mass.

  • @medfree,


  • Yes Recyan: gives me a figure of 1,866.25 calories for sedentary life style (height 72 inches, weight 150 pounds age 62)...

  • MEDFREE: I'd say about 380 calories (the web page gives 264 calories per hour for a km in 11 minutes speed and body weight 150 pounds) and my wife's Niki calculator also gave a figure between 300 & 400 for 12 minute a km speed. Yes, I have to bring down the carb intake. I hope to do that in a few months once current work pressure eases off.

  • I have monitored Kcal burned vs Km walked with an Omron pedometer, when I used to indulge in mindless-walking before I started correcting carbs intake aggressively. It worked out to around 80kcal per km for my weight which is around 75Kg for a height of 5'8.5". So my presumption of 80X8 = 640kcal in your case, as you walk around 8Km/day.

    I have stopped walking since May 2013.

  • I think 300-400 calories applies to me because a person of your weight running or jogging at speed of 8 kilometers per hour would burn 600 calories in an hour, whereas I would burn 528 calories in an hour.

  • I never jogged. My average speed has been max of 5km/hour, when I used to walk. Currently no walks since over a year now.

  • MEDFREE: gives me a figure of 1,866.25 calories for sedentary life style (height 72 inches, weight 150 pounds age 62)...


    Leads me to 1610 as BMR then applying Harris Benedict Equation works out to 1900+ Kcal for sedentary lifestyle that I follow. I am sure i don't eat that much.

    So i follow one thumb-rule (because I don't think I am doing 1900kcal that equations suggest):

    Eat when hungry and watch the weighing scale. Hunger pangs on LCHF is something very rare.

  • It will be interesting, if you could also test and report PPBS after lunch or dinner.

  • I checked BS post dinner it was 117

  • Without drugs it is good value. My PPBS for lunch is normally around 110 with slightly higher carbs intake but I take meformin SR 500 with BF.

  • Excellent. Please continue.

  • I have been on 1200 KCal diet for last 4 months. I am 5.6 tall and 32 year old woman. I think 1200 KCal is sufficient for me.

  • I think if weight is stable and there are no any other problems then calorie counting is not important.

  • you can further reduce to 800 or less in this season.

  • kclvbn: Have a heart. The young lady is 5'-6".

  • Naqsh: The calculator suggests that if you are just 100 LBS and have a sedentary life style, you'd need about 1,525 calories for weight maintenance.

  • Hi Naqsh,

    Thats a wow news from you. Its great to hear that you are trying to manage without medicine. Keep it up. Hmm avoiding roti/ rice altogether, very difficult for South Indians. Ya I also reduced carb contents considerably. But I lost my weight from 69 kg to 62 kg. I am trying to gain weight, but its not happening.

    Now, are you completely off your medicine? If so, when and how you reduced it? Doctors suggest not to stop medicine at once, rather reduce it gradually till no medicine. Any way, keep going and enjoy the food.


  • Add FAT to diet for gaining weight as u cannot increase carbs.

    Pancreas whipping drugs can be stopped right from the word go if switching to LCHF.

    MF I agree should be tapered off.

  • If you fall short on kcal,

    (1) add peanuts, or more almonds/walnuts.

    (2) a cup of black coffee with 1 TBSP VCO in morning can help. Maybe, it can replace the morning black tea.

    (3) replace boiled egg with omelet.

    I would say: On Low Carb High Fat diet, eat when you feel hungry. Watch the weighing scale and forget about calorie counting.

    Welcome to LCHF club. Your meter will help you stay motivated. Body will need a week to adjust to low carbs.

  • I am not using any grains diet since few months, the carb available in other Items & fruits. In morning - makhna, Ground Sesame Seed + Munakka & one cup Arjun Chhal Tea ; after an hour - 300- 400 Grams Water melon ! for Lunch - 200 Gram - Musk Melon , 200 Gram- Boiled vegetable + 30 grams Cream or 5 Gram Cow Ghee + 50 Gram Chhaina+ 50 Gram Sweet fruits ! Dinner : tomato soup , Boiled vegetable+ Cream , Fruit Cream or Custared, 300 Ml - Bail Juice ; in day time 3 Cups of Black tea.

  • But, you have never revealed your PPBS/FBS on this diet despite asking many times.

  • It is always better to validate suggestions with results.

    (FBS, PPBS, lipids, exercise, diet, drugs or any other parameters)

    If member shares his experience and results with others then that would be more beneficial.

  • welcome to the club Naqsh,

    getting away from doctors and medicine is a great relief. And the feeling of a healthy is another thing about lchf. It is true that when your stomak cannot take carb why loading carbs and killing it. Please keep watching your fbs and 1 hour pp lever for some time. because you stopped your medications very fast.

    best of wishes to your new LIFE.

  • Hi Swamy,

    There was no other way I could let go off Metformin 500 daily.Been struggling for long. Rice was never an issue but giving up Roti was. I tried besan and mung chila Mung chila with its strong smell was turn off. Besan was great but eventually it was contributing to carbs and metformin dependency continued.

    For quiet sometime I was experimenting no carbs alternate day and such days showed great result and I felt more finally decided to let go.

    I was on gemer 2 when I started on this forum when FBS started showing below 150 Dr made it gemer1. For last one month I was feeling hypo running around the courts. So I let it go off and took up metformin 500 and it gave good results and no hypo. since last 1 week I stopped that and closed the carb window completely.

    I eat lot of eggs, meat and fry them in desi ghee. handful of dry fruits daily helps. Also I take big bowl say 1/4 kg of cooked veggies in lunch and 1/4th kgs in dinner. There is no difference with family eating habits it is just I don't eat roti rice and sweet and consume more veggies and meat. Rest we eat same food. I never felt weak as such and I did lose weight in last 6 months with corrective food regime but I still need to lose some 3-4 kgs to be in perfect weight group. Once I achieve that, with lesser body cells probably body will accomodate some carbs and will give a shot than or increase my fat intake. The best part is LCHF had amazing effect on my hair and skin, they shine :-)

    Keep me posted of progress at your end.

  • @naqsh,

    Great motivating news from you. Am sure, will motivate many here.


  • Reycan :

    Gave up on cure by Long Wheat, but then why single out Long wheat, I tried and experimented myself as guinea pig with several suggestion. I think in George's case, he leashed the disease in early stages again if you see his diet regime- the long wheat seeds constitute less amount than flour. He restricted his diet early reduced diet rather, lost weight and I have seen many people have managed to get over diabetes if in early stages they lose weight.

    Whatever, let ppl do whatever suits them as long as it helps all good...I have carved out my path based on my own experiments. Hows you and update on use of Long wheat ?

  • SG is not cured as his OGTT at home resulted in peaks of 229 at 1 hour.

    Even with correct weight as per BMI calculations do not license a diabetic to eat High Carbs Low fat nonsense unless prepared to make drugs part of meals. At the end of the day, Carbs is carbs, it will spike no matter from which source it comes. Key is restrict carbs, lower the better.

  • >> The best part is LCHF had amazing effect on my hair and skin, they shine.

    I have been saying this very often. It has great effect on Skin based on personal experience and experience of many others.

    As for weight:

    There's a stage where body will resist weight loss. It won't just go down any further unless you start to starve. Happened with me, has happened with many. So i really do not bother about achieving the so called healthy BMI.

  • Naqsh,

    Super, its really motivating. And yes, the beauty of proteins and fats is that they make even you shine :) along with your hair. But a word of caution as 'norreal' has pointed out: Try to monitor your lipids and rest of the health from time to time. All the best. Enjoy.


  • Saturated Fats do not conk of LIPIDS (unless genetically predisposed to higher LIPIDS) . FATS conking off LIPIDS is a Failed Hypothesis.

    Carbs do conk of LIPIDS for sure.

    That said, never monitor LIPIDS while you are losing weight on LCHF. Let the weight stabilize, wait for 3 good months after that and then start monitoring LIPIDS.

  • Brilliant, will try immdtly.

  • Thx Medfree and Atma....we are all partners in conviction of the crime called diabetes :-)

  • Yes we all are stake holders.

  • naqsh: Your diet has healthy ingredients. Hope you are also monitoring heart, kidney and liver. [Are you sure you had diabetes?]

  • yes! I am diabetic for last 4 years. I had lived with 300 + FBS and that was wake up call.

  • PPBS is equally important.

  • PPBS is more important than FBS as far as self-management of Diabetes is concerned.

  • That is precisely what you have advocated.

  • Noreal :

    that makes 45 kg. I have active life, on my toes throughout the day. I am 64 kgs and I want to lose another 4-6 once I get to 60 or 58 the best to have, I will reconsider my diet. Till then all fine.

  • as medfree said weight will automatically come down. no need for any struggle. mine in 3 months 11 kg come down. form 85 to 74. I feel so light and more active.

  • Women are more inclined to have thyroid problems. So yes, weight will come down unless there are thyroid issues. If thyroid is normal, then adding Alpha Lipoic Acid 300mg and Supradyn also helps a lot for good health.

  • i have also tried this after reading your article. seems to be a good exercise . wish i had tried it much earlier. even after taking an ice cream sugar was only 127 in the evening . i have not stopped med altogether. my sugar was going around 250 random and fasting 150. i tried insulin after going to a diabetic center. but then it was dropping to 50 at night . i had to keep glucose near my bed. this happened 3 days consecutively . i stopped insulin at night slowly iam planning to stop morning insulin and then gradually stop med

  • Great, so another one to show that LOW CARB HIGH FAT DIET works. Good to see that your night insulin stopped. Always test PPBS at home as you change your diet to LCHF.

  • i have been telling all my friends about this low carb diet. To day my fasting is 92. Fasting on daily basis goes up to 120. PParound 150. i am monitoring my sugar almost 3 times daily. With a diabetic history of 20 yrs i never knew that i could bring it down so much. This has never happened in my life . i had switched on to sitagliptin/januvia 100 mg about 5 yrs back since my sugar was not coming in control.

    i even visited diabetic center since my sugar level was not coming below 250 and touching even 300 at times . Doc advised me to go on insulin . i had taken insulin for 3 weeks. Now stopped all that . iam taking metformin 500mg 3 times with dianil . Slowly as i progress on this diet i intent to reduce this also . i do not feel hungry or week at all .Lunch and dinner i have adequate veg to fill my stomach .

    wish i had known this diet long back . may be i would have controlled my sugar level more and improved my health too


  • You started with 24+14 insulin and now are INSULIN FREE and still land better numbers, despite a diabetes history of 20 years. That's THE power of LCHF, which many hate here and offer vague opinions like it is good for early diabetics etc. LCHF is a time-proven scientific diet and numbers don't lie. You just proved it once again!

    Switching to LOW CARB HIGH FAT diet is the only way forward for cutting off drugs, getting better sugar control, better LIPIDS, better skin health etc etc. Rest all like BMI, walking, jogging, eating 10 times a day etc is HUMBUG or a band aid solution and band-aid solutions can never help in long run.

    Add NUTS (peanuts, almonds, walnuts), VCO, Cheese, Butter to your diet. All milk products should be from whole milk. Toned/skimmed milk is not even a good CAT Food.

    Your case also proves that one can go off INSULIN and drugs. MF is relatively safe. Dianil needs to go as soon as possible. Once you stabilize with just MF, then try fasting once a week. I am now regularly hitting FBS less than 90 and my experience with fasting has been shared on this thread:

    WELCOME to LCHF Club and congratulations on getting great numbers despite reduction of DRUGS! Spread the LCHF word to all diabetics around you. Not many will listen but even 10% success is a good number.

    LCHF just works!

  • @ Hidden ....I love you and your posts

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