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Cholesterol Capers - the damaging lunacy of the Diet-Heart Hypothesis

This film, it's content and a lot of the people appearing in it will come as no surprise to those sharing my convictions.

However, if you are confused as to why things are as they are re diet, health, medication and vested interests keeping a vast section of the population in ignorance and on the same dreary track, you should watch and digest. It will be of special interest to anyone with T2 diabetes who take statins.

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Phew! That was a marathon. But it has confirmed my decision to refuse statins when I next see my gp. I know my cholesterol has gone up since I stopped taking Atorvastatin, but I don't actually care! I wish I could find a polite way to break through the "there is so much evidence that statins save lives" attitude. I'm afraid I would lose the plot and get cross. Not that I will be coerced, as my gp is a lovely chap who recognises that I wish to be proactive in my own treatment, in spite of his contrary advice. Thanks for that link Mike. JanR

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