Mitochondrial Damage and Autophagy

On the back of CURE'S very interesting post regarding mitochondria I thought I'd put up my reply as a post as the subject is so important it needs wider dissemination. I have written on the subject in the past, but the subject needs refreshing on a regular basis:

With regard to cancer the focus is shifting from damaged DNA being causal to damaged mitochondria.

There is an alternative to looking for a supplement to change the dynamic. Why not clear out old and damaged mitochondria? It will cost nothing and is simple to do:


Wonderful things happen when you fast, one of which is HGH (human growth hormone) shoots up to protect muscle and the bigger effect is autophagy. Basically a mechanism is initiated whereby damaged and junk DNA, viruses, bacteria etc is sent for recycling.

Lots of information on youtube, but here's a sub 3 minute example.

Further information - research the modern godfather of fasting, Dr. Jason Fung.

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  • Better than Basilisk lizard .... :)

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  • cure yet another reason to fast! :)

  • I think we have to start to fast once a week as our ansectors used to do. For example : tuesday for Hanuman Ji, Hanuman Ji will solve many problems related to health :) again brihaspativaar for vishnu ji ...both Hanuman Ji and Vishnu Ji will solve the problems jointly :)

  • what about Saturday fasting for Balaji .

    ''kalau venkata nayaka''

  • What ever day you choose for a specific God , they all are going to bestow their blessing to you ...once you start fasting :) ...but just dont ask your wife to fast on behalf of you :)

  • yes , of course .

  • My sister used to fast on 3days in a week , Monday for shiva , thursday for ViSHNU ,Saturday for Venkateswara swamy , FOR long lease of her husband's life . But no God came to her rescue and she lost him to massive cardiac arrest .

  • If husband has to be healthy ...he has to fast by himself ...that is the secret ...and here in husband fasts...just wife's fast for husband...

  • yes . Of course.

  • Thanks for that post Mike.

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