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Lipid hypothesis: Is cholesterol good or bad?

Did you know that somebody said - "The lipid hypothesis is the greatest scientific scam of this century?" Are you shocked? I was too.

I watched this video and thought you would like to watch it as well. To make it easy, I've added subtitles. I've also summarized the video in the blog. Here are some highlights:

1. Lie: Eating saturated fat does raises blood cholesterol.

Truth: Eating saturated fat does not raise blood cholesterol.

2. Lie: Cholesterol in the blood causes heart disease

Truth: Cholesterol in the blood does not cause heart disease.

3. Lie: Cholesterol is bad for health

Truth: Cholesterol is an important and essential substance in the body.

4. Lie: Cholesterol reduces longevity.

Truth: The higher your cholesterol, the longer you’ll live.

5. Lie: High cholesterol is a dangerous health problem.

Truth: For a woman of any age, or a man above 60, so-called cholesterol problems are really not a problem.

I've included additional resources at the end of the blog, in case you'd like to research further.

Read blog and watch video here - 'Lies about Cholesterol & Saturated Fat'

Write in the comment section, and let me know what you think.

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The persons who eat fat regularly without limit are likely to die 10-15 years earlier as compared to persons who are eating a balance diet(carbs,protein,fat)

However the persons consuming regular unlimited fat have been found retarded mind peoples,may be physically strong

They are dull minded peoples,history proves it.

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He is trying to provoke you

He is best ignored

No science will appeal to him as his agenda is clear

Just provoke others. That's his job


Got it in 1 Anup!


The "junk Internet science" is helping many diabetics ditch costly medicines



We are against any diet which increases pills only

Not against any diet which reduces it

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It's a matter of belief

Even I feel so

That should not deter you

Go ahead and spread your diet

While he spreads his belief

It's the diabetics who will decide what to follow

Any diet is better that the biscuits promoted by many dieticians for diabetics

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Any diet is better that the biscuits promoted by many dieticians for diabetics

Marie and Digestive :D


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