Lipid hypothesis: Is cholesterol good or bad?

Did you know that somebody said - "The lipid hypothesis is the greatest scientific scam of this century?" Are you shocked? I was too.

I watched this video and thought you would like to watch it as well. To make it easy, I've added subtitles. I've also summarized the video in the blog. Here are some highlights:

1. Lie: Eating saturated fat does raises blood cholesterol.

Truth: Eating saturated fat does not raise blood cholesterol.

2. Lie: Cholesterol in the blood causes heart disease

Truth: Cholesterol in the blood does not cause heart disease.

3. Lie: Cholesterol is bad for health

Truth: Cholesterol is an important and essential substance in the body.

4. Lie: Cholesterol reduces longevity.

Truth: The higher your cholesterol, the longer you’ll live.

5. Lie: High cholesterol is a dangerous health problem.

Truth: For a woman of any age, or a man above 60, so-called cholesterol problems are really not a problem.

I've included additional resources at the end of the blog, in case you'd like to research further.

Read blog and watch video here - 'Lies about Cholesterol & Saturated Fat'

Write in the comment section, and let me know what you think.

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  • It is indeed a scam to sell statins. If it was not, all of us eating so much of Saturated fat on Low carb would not have improved our LIPIDS and all our arteries should have been choked by now.

    BTW, the husband and wife team of Indianlchf were also in the following article, where I figure too :)

  • No need to synthesize FATS through Carb, store it in body and then land in all the mess so that drugs can sell

    World bodies doesn't matter, the medical reports do.

    Harvard? Take a look at:

    Oh BTW, even Ancel Keys agreed -- Dietary cholesterol has no impact on Serum cholesterol and his SFA Vs CVD study based on Cherry picking has been busted "N" number of times so far.

  • The persons who eat fat regularly without limit are likely to die 10-15 years earlier as compared to persons who are eating a balance diet(carbs,protein,fat)

    However the persons consuming regular unlimited fat have been found retarded mind peoples,may be physically strong

    They are dull minded peoples,history proves it.

  • Your statement itself proves who is dull minded or retarded because no one can eat unlimited fat. So the very premise of your argument stands on no legs of science.

    So, how about backing your "history proves it" claims with some scientific data because "lop sided opinions" never made any sense.

  • He is trying to provoke you

    He is best ignored

    No science will appeal to him as his agenda is clear

    Just provoke others. That's his job

  • Got it in 1 Anup!

  • FAT causing CVD, to be polite is a MYTH.

    SFA causing CVD/CHD is a Bigger MYTH.

    And 60% CARBS as healthy and Balanced is the Biggest MYTH.

  • No science, no numbers and only rhetorics as usual. people who are blind to see medical reports often do this. they never like discussing based on medical reports of diabetics who dumped ADA recommendations, reduced drugs and got better numbers on their medical reports.

  • Actually when people say they are on 90% carbs (nett carbs is always that matters), that's real blabbering when Barnard's data itself proves that they are not.

  • No, you have been claiming you are on 90% carbs all along. All answers are provided. Some love to argue for sake of arguing. Go read that paper again and don't just talk for sake of talking. YOU explain YOUR science like we do and not look for fights here. Enuff said.

  • READ the Barnard's data analysis. All answers are there.

  • Great. One of your friends ridiculed when I started talking with 18 months solid data and called it "SPECULATIVE BLOGGING". Surprising he considers a 3 month data as gold standard and pushes two articles per day on veganism.

    Carry on. We will see where you are with your diet after 2 years. I am into sixth with ZERO drugs and number of successes have grown every day (talking based on data that I know of and not what Dr Chhajed claims for his patients).

    I am not even ridiculing your 3 months data, like your friend did with 18 months data. They haven't stopped even after 6th year data and 1000+ success (again not quoting other's data but what we know interacting with diabetics and guiding them). Only thing that I ridicule is ADA et al.

    So, get people to follow your suggestions follow them up for their reports for few years and let that number speak for itself. I have said this often.

  • I think the day you drop all the sarcasm you will be a guy who people here will listen and pay attention to in great numbers. Be individualistic, be a one man show when it comes to promoting what you believe is right.

    Don't try and emulate few others who have been doing this poking, sarcastic remarks as full time profession here since 2013. Be realistic and get over with this "Your and Mine" attitude. Doesn't look nice at 60+ Set an example for youngsters here. Just a sincere advice based on experience. Take it or reject it -- your call.

    As I said, I don't ridicule, 3,6, or 24 month data of anyone who isn't following the ADA advise. ADA fanboys here ridicule everything and never talk based on numbers. And, when they do try and resort to number crunching, they mess it up badly.

    I just pointed that as a fact that some guys master in just for sake of poking and my ridicule is against ADA and it's advice based on hard data and not just OPINION.

    Take care.

  • The "junk Internet science" is helping many diabetics ditch costly medicines

  • That's what bothers drug pushers the most. What is junk and what is not, let Medical reports do the talking.

  • Congratulations

    We are against any diet which increases pills only

    Not against any diet which reduces it

  • Good. Stand out in crowd by being "apart" from the crowd instead of being "a part" of the crowd. Don't look for groups here to support. They will some day ridicule even your diet, despite your numbers. I was all alone talking LC** in 2013 and with 5 abusive opponents against me. I just didn't lose track of my aim. Look how LC** has grown and look where "they" stand (not naming anyone here)

    Someone tried ridiculing LC** again by doing some number crunching on Dr B and messed it up royally. But, at last there was acceptance that his advise is legendary.

    Same Dr B whom one from their group declared dead sometime back and one made statements like he is on CGM+Pump and eats supplements wort $2000/month, where as the fact is he is against CGM/PUMPS. He still injects. So, all rumor mongering and no science. They couldn't convince anyone :)

    That's why -- stand out in crowd by being "apart" from the same and not "a part" of them. Some try to just increase the number in their group to play politics instead of help people here. Everyone who comes on forums like these are here after being on the advice of so called men of science and world bodies. They want something different and not the same old stuff that lands them deeper in the rut.

  • It's a matter of belief

    Even I feel so

    That should not deter you

    Go ahead and spread your diet

    While he spreads his belief

    It's the diabetics who will decide what to follow

    Any diet is better that the biscuits promoted by many dieticians for diabetics

  • Any diet is better that the biscuits promoted by many dieticians for diabetics

    Marie and Digestive :D

  • There's one more thing that many doctors/dietitians promote :

    Amway Nutralite

    My son was recommended Nutralite for his skin allergy issues.

    That's the time when i strictly told him to discontinue with that doctor and start Safi as after Nutralite he was also wanting the battery of expensive allergy tests. All he was doing is giving some anti histamine drugs and prescribing expensive soaps and shampoos.

    No more allergies now :)

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