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Leptin, diabetes, and the brain


Diabetes is a major worldwide problem. Despite some progress in the development of new antidiabetic agents, the ability to maintain tight glycemic control in order to prevent renal, retinal, and neuropathic complications of diabetes without adverse complications still remains a challenge. Recent evidence suggests, however, that in addition to playing a key role in the regulation of energy homeostasis, the adiposity hormone leptin also plays an important role in the control of glucose metabolism via its actions in the brain. This review examines the role of leptin action in the central nervous system and the mechanisms whereby leptin mediates its effects to regulate glucose metabolism. These findings suggest that defects or dysfunction in leptin signaling may contribute to the etiology of diabetes and raise the possibility that either leptin or downstream targets of leptin may have therapeutic potential for the treatment of diabetes

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Good suggestion. Also I would like add one addition in this direction. My physiscian prescribed Vit D tests during my last visit about 3 months back and accordingly on testing my D3 level I am diagnosed Vit. D difficiency and I am advised by improving Vit. D I can control diabetes. He prescribed D3 capsules one course of 8 weeks, weekly one capsule and advised me natural exposure to sun for about 15 minites everyday morning between 10 am and 3 pm. Accordingly I am following his prescription and now I am greatly relieved of my sugar level, which is between 70 to 90 both fb and ppb. By my experience I may suggest all to have exposure to sun every day atleast for about 15 minutes as above so that diabetes can be controlled to a very great extent.

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you are right.... it is said...

Atherosclerosis: scurvy in disguise

And almost all diabetics are Vitamin 'D' deficient....

also we see big belly and comparatively thin hands and legz....

should we say Diabetes : Rickets is disguise???

As per my experience...if you take calcirol sachets mixed with ghee...they are more effective.

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right. Diabetics should take one tab of vit d3 60k once in a month regularly.


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