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Is diabetes in the brain more than in the pancreas? Changing paradigms of diabetes type 2

I just came across this article....

Just seeking views or our other learned members....


The early success of insulin washed out alternate modes of thinking. A large amount of finance is involved in insulin and diabetes medications. While a lot of knowledge is accumulated at the research level, it has not translated to clinical practice, as there is a lack of motivation to change. Further, it does not help that for doctors, a major source of updates is through pharma companies.

The emphasis must be on physical fitness than simply sugar levels. If physical fitness is good, there is lower chance of developing complications. There are simple fitness tests such as the ‘sit and rise’ tests which can help us predict the risk of a cardiovascular event in the next few years. You have voluntary control on fitness in all angles. For example, one must be vigilant not just about fat, but also other markers like the fitness of the heart and respiratory system, muscle strength, balance and rapid nerve muscle coordination.

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and one more...

Diabetes: Have We Got It All Wrong?


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It is not that it is all wrong.There are lots of gray or even dark areas that need to be understood.Problem with diabetes is that there are too many alternative SOPs of treatment that is very confusing to say the least.Problem is compounded when some people claim that that the issue is solved by doing this or that and close their minds.This leads to a situation wherein the sufferer is forced to find his own strategies to manage his condition by trial and error and experimentation.It is also true that the medical profession is not fully geared up to tackle diabetes in a multipronged manner.


I disagree. Whilst the majority of people with type 2 are overweight, a significant number are not. This makes sense if we consider being overweight and type 2 have a common cause, and not that being overweight causes type 2.

Diabetes rates have doubled since the 1990s, and the only macronutrient that has increased proportionally is carbohydrate. That isn't a surprise, since carbohydrate is what affects blood glucose directly. The only reason that this is not self-evident is that insulin battles to keep normality, to avoid blood glucose going awry. When it is no longer able to do this, prediabetes indicates that if we keep doing what we've been doing the prognosis is not good. In fact although hyperglycaemia may be the first symptom we become aware of, damage may already be occurring.

Chronic illnesses such as PCOS, osteopenia/osteoporosis, arthritis/gout, or atherosclerosis all result from hormonal miscommunication due to insulin resistance and abnormally high insulin/IGF-1 levels.


I think a lot goes on which people can help themselves. I have two of my very good friends OFF there meds for T2, inc insulin. One an ex military man who walks the legs off his poor dog complete with a heavy rucksack on. He is Army trained & does a proper job. Good luck to anyone else.

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What we eat contributes to us eating more than the body needs. Two thirds of the UK is now overweight, and I don't believe they all chose to do this whereas up until the 1970s only a tiny minority were obese.

By emphasising personal responsibility for eating too much, the food industry are freed from any accountability for the detrimental effects of processing food.


In a study, rats were given sugar and cocaine, then left to choose. 93% chose sugar. Is that greed?

For people to make informed decisions, they have to be given the full facts, and be free from other influences. If their hormones are imbalanced, and they are told that reduced-fat and/or high-glycaemic foods are healthy, their decision making is skewed.


That's true. The more insulin resistance is developed by eating those foods, the more insulin they produce, causing other hormonal problems, including leptin resistance. See Dr. Robert Lustig


, and Ivor Cummins, the Fat Emperor



Hi cure,

T1 & T2 are very different. If you weight 20stone your pancreas gets surrounded with fat restricting its performance. A T2s pancreas could work 20% or 80%.


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