Does the nutritional supplements really helpful in any way for diabetics?


Perhaps no other disease is as closely linked to nutrition as diabetes.Not only nutrition play a role in its development, nutrition is also one of the most powerful tool for diabetes treatment.

In the light of its strong and critical connection to nutrition, it is very important to know, if nutritional supplements play any role in prevention,delay,reduction of diabetes and /or it's complications?


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  • There is Proverb in Tamil which says " Virundhum Marundhum Mundru Vellaiku" which means that feast and medicine is for only three times; by this time we should be able see a change towards cure.

    Also "Alakku Meerinal Amruthamum Nunju" that means even Medicine taken in excess is poison.

  • Saying "NO",in very sophisticated way.I appreciate your style.

  • Here's one wrt VIT D:

    Alpha Lipoic Acid is also widely talked of for diabetics (with no Hypothyroidism, though)


    Role of magnesium in diabetes ,a study.

  • IR they say leads to Mg depletion.

  • IR?

  • IR = Insulin Resistance.

  • Thanks.

  • Diminished level of vitD in diabetes is because of disease ,not the cause of disease.

  • Not necessarily. In the opening para of link posted:

    Recent studies have demonstrated correlations between low vitamin D levels and the development of type 2 diabetes while others provide similar findings but on the opposite spectrum where higher levels of vitamin D are associated with decreased incidence of type 2 diabetes.

  • Apart of vit D,there are several other supplements which are regularily consumed as well as advise by many.These include as you said Alpha Lipoic Acid,,Co enzyme Q10,vit.E,vitB6,Zinc,Chromium,Vanadium etc.Are these really have some role scientifically proved/personal experience or only hearsay?.

  • ALA is on hearsay from Dr Bernstein.

    CoQ10 even many mainstream practitioners give to STATIN consumers.

    I take the above two along with Supradyn-- a MV

  • Dr Bernstein says R-ALA is more effective,he took it with Primrose oil(?).biotin should also be taken with R ALA as it reduces biotin.At the same time says it may not be effective in all diabetics.

    In this connection,

    He quotes two researches but mainly dwells on research from Germany.

  • R-ALA is not available in India. Doesn't matter as all it takes is to increase the dose of the ALA that we get (has both R and S). WRT Oil, it's FAT as carrier. I take ALA & CoQ10 with a meal that's fat loaded, and many a times with VCO. Supradyn gets biotin too, and that's why i mention always to add that with ALA.

    Even Modern Drugs may not be effective but still all diabetics are told to eat them. In fact they get ineffective in the long run so dose increases till it maxes out.

    Specifically on Biotin:

    I think LCHF diabetics having good load of peanuts etc don't need a heavy dose of biotin in form of supplements. Dr Bernstein lives on 30 grams carbs so peanuts, tomato, onion etc is out of his diet. On such a ketogenic diet (30 grams carbs) one does need quite a bit of supplements. For 100 grams carbs/day, it's less.

  • May I ask why do you take CoQ10?To increase energy level and/or life span?Maim stream doctors may prescribe it with statin to combat statin side effect specially muscular pain.


    With STATIN it has to be taken because STATINS reduces CoQ10 levels.

    As one ages, CoQ10 production in body drops in general, so needs external supplementation.

  • Although the role of vitamin D in helping to regulate blood

    glucose remains poorly understood, vitamin D status

    appears to play a role in the development and treatment of

    diabetes. It is possible that optimal levels of serum vitamin D may be different for people at risk for developing

    diabetes, those with diabetes, and those without diabetes. According to Danescu et al.64, “both animal and human

    studies support the notion that adequate vitamin D supplementation may decrease the incidence of type 1 and

    possibly also of type 2 diabetes mellitus and may improve the metabolic control in the diabetes state. However, the

    exact mechanisms are not clear and need further investigation.”

  • There's a lobby which is against Vitamins and Supplements and this drive has increased recently because there's a lot of money that mainstream drugs are losing money. Some so called experts even want you to dump all vitamins and supplements:

    WebMD is one of the HMV :)

    Some more:

    Yup Vitamins are bad But HIGH CARBS is GREAT :)

  • Cached

    On the contrary, the nutritional supplement market is expanding rapidly.The US continues to be the largest market for nutritional supplements in the world in terms of retail sale. In 2010 the US nutrition and dietary supplements sale was USD 28 billions, compared to USD 25 billion in 2009.

    In 2910 Vit.D sale in US reached 370 millionUSD , an increase of 11.5% over previous year.

    There is no conflict from main pharma industry.

  • This opposition has started more fiercely since 2013. Many company's financial performance has suffered as a result. It is the rapid expansion that's an eye sore for mainstream.

  • While agreeing generally with you,that big pharma industry is alarmed at the rapid growth of nutritional supplement industry which is projected to cross 60 billion USD by 2020.

    So, they are working on a three pronged strategy .It has started right from 1994.(1)dis information/ mis information campaign ,directed against vitamins and other nutritional supplements,in which they have failed miserably failed.

    (2) Acquisition of nutra. manufacturing companies.Their dictum is ,it is better to own than to eliminate.they are succeeding in this.

    (3) The master stroke is through FDA.

    FDA Set to Kill Nutritional Supplement Industry ... Cached

    Kathy, As someone who used to work in Big Pharma, I can tell you with almost 100% certainty that this has nothing to do with Obama, just as the deals ...

  • Namasthe! Are you still following LWMD , Shooter George's diet?

  • Sorry,I never followed LWMD.

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