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Any relationship between taste buds ,diabetes and old age?Researchers say there may be.

The number of taste buds we have on our tongue decrease as we get older, and lower the number of taste buds,more likely for fasting blood sugar to be higher than normal,researchers have found.AS high fasting blood sugar level is one of the main criteria for diagnosing diabetes type 2,so it is suggested that the number of taste buds plays a role in glucose metabolism during ageing.

The reduced number of taste buds with advancing age might be linked to increased incidence of type 2 diabetes among older adults.The data from ONGOING Baltimore Longitudinal study of ageing between 2011 and 2014 was analysed and association of old age and fewer number of taste buds was found. A previous larger clinical study (Beaver Dam Offspring Study ) also has found the same association.

It is very possible that they could be unrelated,but very possible that having fewer taste buds means fewer hormones are secreted that may control glucose metabolism,researchers say.Further studies are required to confirm this association.

This study was presented at the joint 16th International Congress of Endocrinology and 96th Annual Meeting of the Endocrine Society held in June 2014.




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I do not have means to count taste buds .


We are all ageing, only the rate varies, and what we eat influences that.


@ cscon... dear cscon., i am afraid indiacratus has a valid point there. to some observation., according to ayurveda aroudn 21+ types of diabetics are there of which lean type is one. the rules are different in lean type., wherreas lchf works wonders on kapha and pitta type. and a combo of the same. i donno much about ayurveda but drawing some parallels., me being kapha and vata predominanat.,following lchf principles is working.

it may have to be fine tuned ., may be high protein may work better in some cases or only raw vewggies., raw salads may work better for some, rather than high fat alone. in all the cases low carbs playing a mjor role.,

just thinking out aloud.



btw., i thre off all diab.meds off. hope i will nit need them again.


sure. thank u.


Yes meetu., medicine is definetely not definete. as the variables are many and the disease is a result of many factors. i think we are trying a common factor which also is a variable .


Sir, The day I joined in this forum,I have gone through all the postings by you & pataliputra. I do not know your sugar position.But I find your writings very informative.But I sincerely request you experiment with yourself and bring out the truth. After all this is a type of research.I am putting you my lipid results which I got today. Serum Cholestrol-192.58,TG-95,HDL-44.71,LDL-126.65 &VLDL-19.Last year I had the more same kind of result.My HbA1C is 5.6.My LFT,KFT results are within limit.My FBS varies from 80 to 90 and PPBS varies from 135 to 145.These readings are in ACCUCHECK only.I am following

LCHF since one year.Now you decide .I want to mention that I am only on 30mg diamicron once in the morning. Thank you sir .


Thank you sir for the response.I am a person who is not against ADA,Mayo or FDA. I only request every body to judge themselves.Which food suits them.It is a personal choice.I know I can not walk 3km per day.I can not engulf several pills .So I wish to continue with minimal dose till permanently with insulin.God has given us the life to think,eat and judge.So if we are getting the same result through LCHF there is no herm. Gradually the cost of the medicine and its counter effect is increasing. I sincerely wish to be on metformin that too with 500mg only.I sincerely wish you to go for research on LCHF like Ancel Key.Let India take a lead role in propagating the message. Thanks once again.



Just ignore the people who are jealous about LCHF. They are jealous because they have nothing to help diabetics to manage their diabetes. :)

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44 replies, wonderful ! Hardly anything on the topic ? Well done !,



Quite true. The thread got hijacked with post # 6 in the chain -- a post that started with a misinformation campaign against LCHF, which needed to be busted.


It appears that it is never ending story.I feel that let it be left to individual to judge.A man is born .He has to die one day.My pity is that why to die early with complications.When ever I see people smoking I advise them to leave.What ever he feels I do not bother.Recently I had been to a marriage party reception.I got tempted to eat what ever was there.So I took GlycometSR 500 about 5 minutes before.I only took 3peice fish fry,3 peice mutton,7-8 paneer cubes 100ml kheer and two scoop icecream. My curiosity was to measure my blood sugar after 2 hours.I came back and waited for 2 hours.I measured.It was 141 by accucheck.It is not great. Anyway,I beg excuse to every body who follow LCHF or who oppose.Thanks every bodyonce again.


The person who started LCHF here (Anup) isn't going to give up anytime soon, no matter how strong the opposition is from any quarters:


Some here say (without any proof) that everyone who talks in favor of LCHF is doing it for making money, but the fact is lot of money is being burned to take the LCHF momentum forward -- one baby step at a time :)


Dear friend Indiacratus,I never take any medicine at night.I wanted to see the effect of metforminSR with sugar.I only take 30mg diamicron tab in the morning.I only consume two chapatti around 60-70 grams in 24 hrs .I am energetic,and do every house hold work including 5 times prayer.I never criticise the medicine.I never like swallow anti diabetic pills like pop corn and consume high carb diet. Diet is the first teacher in diabetes.I sincerely request not to be nagging to LCHF. Let there be complete team of volunteers from both LCHF Group and non-LCHF Group. Both given different diets but same base medicine. After three months let there be test .Let truth speaks.I am extremely sorry to disturb you. Thanking you sir.


Thank you very much for your valuable information.I gone through your article as well as meetu77,I sincerely want to change from Diamicron30mg MR to Glycomet 500SR. So I have wait for 14 days to get the response of medicine.Kindly reply. Thanks once again.




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