madhumeh, understanding the diabetes

some people think eating too much sweet things causes madhumeh.infact it depends on your insulin which regulate glucose in your blood.either it is not produced in sufficient quantity or not regulated in blood properly.It is produced in pancrease.obesity,stress,erratic lifestyle,food habits etc and genetic factors leads to diabetes.Although it is called slow death,but can be managed efficiently and a diabetic can live a happy life.Follow three steps strictly _diet control, exercise, that order. some people just take medicine ,no diet control,little or no exercise and expect to have a miracle.Managing blood sugar level in a continuous procedure.I have seen people telling Are kya hota hai ek bar khane se, ek goli jyada kha lenge.Well,after a few days their obitury is published in local newspaper.So be sincere and live a happy life despite diabetes.

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  • Exactly very well said. A disciplined life protects us from many deadly diseases. Diet control, physical exercises and a disciplined life style, timely medication whereever needed ...thats all what needed for a healthy life.

  • Absolutely true. Unfortunately, several people have a wrong thinking. They think if they are CARELESS they are brave.

  • The comments are correct. I am living example. I having type 2 diabtes for last 25 years. With control on food and excercise and regular medication, I a living without any complications so far.

  • The comments are correct. I am living example. I having type 2 diabtes for last 25 years. With control on food and excercise and regular medication, I a living without any complications so far.

  • hi, I don't have much time , but just want to post my comment after reading few comments. Diabetes is not an big issue, if taken positively. Basically it is our immune system which goes hay wire due to mental tension and due to excess of propaganda done by people or doctors. Now each and every person whose sugar level is high, starts with anti sugar tablets or other similar tablets or start injecting insulin, its all business.

    There are many reasons for sugar level to be high.Bcos our body is made is made in such a way that it helps us to make us healthy. Our body can manage to make all chemical compounds . I have been making herbal medicine for diabetic people from many years and I have seen 95% of people spoil there pancreas by eating tablets or by injecting insulin. Doctors say there is no cure for diabetes, but if you check our past history, sickness of Madhumey was not that much focused by vaidya's. They use to heal pancreas function by herbal medicine.

    I have been providing herbal medicine to many diabetic people but untill now i have not seen more than 10 true diabetic people. Bcos it is not easy to become diabetic. All are forcefully made diabetic by injecting insulin.

    Recently in last 2 months I had 23 type 2 diabetic people and 14 type1 diabetic people. Major of cases is related to complication of lever and constipation is experienced. other cases is of displacement of solar plexus or mal function of pancreas releasing glucogon. while some people cases is lack of oxygen, which reduces pancreas function, this is bcos of lungs complication.

    Diabetic people get surprised when their Bgl reduces automatically when lever functions are boosted by herbal medicine. I have such cases where I have reduced 400 BGL level with( Turmeric powder & mustard seed(black) Haldi and Rai dana powder. in some cases i have reduced sugar level by the cream of inner layer banana skin. in some type 2 diabetes I use ginger water with Awla powder. it totaly depend upon person to person immune system. I don't get time to sit on computer bcos of heavy traffic of diabetic people waiting for me to reduce their sugar level. other wise I would had helped each and every person who have posted comment on this block. you can check ( SB SIDH herbal medicine ) in google search and see what people has to say about my medicines. Truth is this I'm not an doctor. Just have experience after staying with adivasi and other tribal people in our country. you can avoid insulin and tablets and pancreas can function properly..India is great if you study deeply.



  • I totall aree with you, am also keen to take this ayurvedic medicines and supplemenat kindly suggest, my fasting sugar is 110 and post lunch is 150, and also have constipation, using Glycipage 500mg 1 per day for blood thinning like ceruvina, encorrate and Rosuvas statim.

    Thanking you.


  • Take DIAEZE a pure herbal extract formulation made to ease diabetes and its complications, It will take care of lowering tryglycerides as well. Continue to take your existing medication both are complenetary to each other.

    Your constipation problem will also be addressed. Take 2 bd

    for details check www.atulyanutrition you can conveniently shop it online through

  • herbal medicine found in shops are cheap, but studying immune system and consulting experts on each organ function, then choosing right herb for diabetic person according to their immune system needs cost money. in last packing of each dose with different herbs cost alot. Herbal medicine's has to be made fresh according to person immune system. capsules available in market are common herbs basically used to reduce sugar level. only 2 % of diabetic population manage to benefit from herbal capsule or herbal tablet what are available in market, bcos they are lucky as their immune system needs those chemical compound available in herbal capsule or tablets. we have to understand 1 thing as we have different finger prints same way our immune system differs from person to person. I have made herbal medicine for many diabetic people and from last few years I have been studying each diabetic person immune system and then make herbal medicine according to needs.Till today according to my records I have not made 2 same medicine for 2 different people. But according to my knowledge I have seen people whose BGL is reaching 200 and while other person whose BGL is 300 is consuming same tablet or taking same insulin. Result is this after 5 hrs agin they have to take same tablet and this chain continues for life time. This is my mailing address ( .

  • A home remedy for constipation.Take a copper jug, fill it with water and put one Harad in it,leave it overnight and drink this water just after getting up in the morning before brushing.You can use the same Harad till it is finished or else purchase Avipattikar churna from Ayurvedic shop, take one spoon after meals before going to bed.If u want to take Ayurvedic churna,I suggest u make it at home,take alongwith your usual Allopathic medicine gradually reducing the potency of it,,check your BS every after 15 days,and God willing you will get rid of your problems.

  • please read my answer in home remedy for constipation

  • Hi Sidh, I totally agree that all MNCs / Pharma Giants wants to promote / increase their sales, and doctors are promoting their products instead of advising / guiding about how to control it thru Diet control and change in life style.

  • Dear sir,

    I agree a 100 times in herbal solutions. Especially from Indian tradition of ayurvedic treatment. Yes India is great if you study deeply, not only in medicines but whole the areas of life. The big truth is ONLY westerns know India is great in all respects but an Indian DO NOT know.

    By the by I am also a diabetic type 2 since 12 years when it traced and from then I am taking the medicines what my doctors say. I am reading, hearing and thinking about diabetic every day. So many people say so many things to do/not to do if one is a diabetic. Even I started to think use of automatic insulin injection pumping machines to purchase from western/European counties. Because I believe myself I am not qualified to observe the right diet, medication, excercise.........

    I am a type 2 diabetic, means insuling doen't function properly. As you said how one can know the REAL reason of uncontrolled sugar in body.....complication of lever?, constipation?, displacement of solar plexux? (I don't know what is that), or malfunction of pancreas? or lack of oxygen??? I hope above complications could be verified by the helps of moden alopathic methods/laboratory tests or the ones you may advise.

    I also believe if one can know which of the reason or reasons as above responsible

    being a diabetic he can have the treatment accordingly from the knowledge you have got from tribal people. I hope for a reply to this



  • herbal powder ~dbtone~ has everything like amla/methi/neem/jamun etcc.

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  • You are absolutely right in your view. All like minded people will follow restricted diet, regular

    brisk walking,or exercise. and of course no tension.Once diagnized for diabetes, it would be advisable to bring the level under control by allopathic and parallaly ,start herbal medicine intake slowly and gradually reduce the intake of allopathic tablets. You will be normal. But you have to maintain diet restriction. One can definitely lead a normal life.


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