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Aloe Vera and Diabetes ---

Aloe Vera and Diabetes --- it is well known liver tonic,regular use tones up the hepatic-biliary system & regulates sugar & fat.

Preliminary research suggests that intake of aloe vera juice can help improve blood glucose levels and may therefore be useful in treating people with diabetes. Aloe has also been linked with: ----------

#Decreased blood lipids (fats) in patients with abnormally high levels of these molecules in the blood

# Decreased swelling and faster healing of wound injuries. Leg wounds and ulcers are common complications of diabetes, and they typically take longer time to heal than in healthy non-diabetic individuals.

These positive effects are thought to be due to the presence of compounds such as lectins, mannans and anthraquinones.

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Are you doing any research on aloe vera?What are your credentials?


I am a retired Professor of Economic Botany .May I know your credentials ?



How to consume Aloe Vera. Eat only the gel or pulp it in a mixer and drink the juice.


you can directly eat Aoe ...........pulp if available or take 2 tsp juice


Dear venkataramana

Aloe Vera is Ghrit Kumari in Hindi as per Wikipedia. Do you have the Bengali name.

How is it available? Are there any Brands? Is the plant available in Raw?

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