is homeopathy medicine curable for diabetic

i was taking alopathy tab to control sugar level. one of our well known suggested to go for homeopathy. i started taking it but my sugar level is gone high, after food is 390 and i used to get pain in left hand and little pain in left side chest and once near left rib

homeopaths here is task for you, tell what is gone wrong why the sugar level not come down

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  • Two things you can learn from this. Firstly, the reason your blood glucose goes incredibly (dangerously) high is because of what you are eating. Keep grains, cereals, fruit, root vegetables, tubers or legumes to less than a cup per meal, eating some natural fat instead.

    Second, homoeopathy is ineffective, at least for diabetes.

  • Diabetes is incurable and it is a progressive disease. You have to control the same through diets and weight management. You can try homoepathy. Homeopathy takes time. You have to try alternative medicines.

  • Cut the carbs and replace with good fat. Switch to LCHF diet if you can. Nothing works like LCHF diet when it comes to managing diabetes. Also, don't fall into the trap of "CURING DIABETES" quackery.

    Unless diet is fixed, no *pathy will work.

  • please mention which one r u saying as carbs and also mention which one have good fat?

  • Hi Anup,

    I agree with you fully.

    My wife underwent treatment under an internationally famous homeopathy doctor stationed at Chennai. I paid Rs.900 per visit ( more than 10 years ago, this is really heavy amount)

    After three or four visits we had to discontinue because of no improvement-not even slight improvement.

    There may be a few people who got improvement. But as far as my wife's condition is concerned, it did not work.

    Unless we reduce carbohydrates, we will never have sugar under control.


  • Nothing -- no pathy -- can ever cover a bad diet. The day diabetics realize this, all the search for so called CURE will end. Claims of CURING diabetes is QUACKERY.

    Key is CARBS need to be cut down to 20% and replaced with Good Fat. Rest all is humbug. CARBS are the worse enemy of a diabetic.

  • Homeopathy never treated any diseases it is only system which repirs your system and increases body system function that control the diseases keep you healthy . but it required time one can continue homeopathy with allopathy medicine and after one month see the results and time will come you will stop taking allopathy medicine

  • have u tried homeopathy?

  • Homeopathy never worked in my family. One of the biggest problems with Homeo professionals is that they will keep you hooked to them. They will never give you the name of stuff ever. So you become their regular customer.

  • homeopathy may work on earlier can work on the need to take both homeo and allopathy to control..more over diet control and excersize will postpon the effects..the main problem is we dont know what are the medicines that homeopathis are using...(some docs are even never told)..and the fee...(for every visit need to pay atleast 500) ..just change the diet and life style will work.................

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