Homeopathy is time tested system of medicine .Then as far as the forum Diabetes is concerned , if it is discussed , I don't think , that it is irrelevant because , the main issue is diabetes and its cure . Then again prescriptions are not given as such . The benefits of the system are given with examples . If any body is interested in other alternatives , he or she can go for the same . This in no way amounts to sales promotion or advertisement . To express views one need not be an expert in the subject unless one gives prescriptions .


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  • Agreed with ragivrao

  • You are perfectly right.

  • Welcome back YET again for the Fifth time on the forum.

  • thank you

  • Welcome. BTW, diabetes has no CURE. Not even in homeopathy.

  • I have got inspiration from you for standing for the cause which we believe .

  • That's fine. Why did you delete the account this time?

  • I thought that it is a futile effort to go on relentlessly . But then again I reconsidered my opinion , thinking that it would encourage some homeopathic doctors of present generation to put sincere effort to arrive at a solution with out having any greed for money and with serious concern for the suffering of millions .I have to admit that the inspiration has come from you . Let us see what is going to happen .Whether it is LCHF or lfhc or accupuncture or Ayurveda or any native medicine , whatever it may be , if it gives relief and hope to all those hapless victims , it is going to be a big breakthrough and boon to humanity .

    Personal prejudices or egos should not come in the way .

  • My passion is above my EGO -- that's why people listened and switched to what I talked, and did so in good numbers. If one wants people to listen to them, they have to break away from the mindset of having a support system of "group". One has to be an individual before one can lead from the front.

    So, I am immune to all attempts that some people are desperately trying in order to provoke me as their prime agenda is to somehow provoke and get me banned. They are just wasting their precious time. They can try their level best, only success they would have in the end is a failure to provoke me, and rest assured, I am not going to delete my a/c.

    I have the tenacity to deal with 100 trolls at one time, all solo without forming any groups.

    Perhaps, it is the DIET that helps here too. :)

  • Hello , no body is trying to get you banned . By the way only sathwic food makes one calm , composed and peaceful according to our scriptures .

  • I am aware who is trying to do what and that's reflected in the tone of replies of few guys, no research is needed there.

    I am taking all TAMSIC food and still calm -- cannot be provoked. Most of the guys on the diet that I preach are also calm. You don't find them taking names, quoting posts and then lacing it with insults. Even well behaved kids won't do that.

    Actually, I have a good laugh when I see some replies.

  • I won't even give anyone the pleasure that they seek as I focus more on how to help people.

  • Let the numbers talk. Get 1000+ under your belt on your diet by your solo effort and we will talk then. Not doing that and just picking on me would get nothing. Many have tried in the past and failed.

  • I already made it clear to you that we have a common goal of defeating a common enemy known as diabetes. The question of numbers , means are immaterial , let us concentrate on ends .

  • Post your diet, get diabetics to follow that diet, follow up with them and then let them do the talking.

  • Not an order. It's a tested way to get noticed and build a movement.

  • Be calm and be sure that no one has any right to say anything against you . This is not the personal forum of any one. We are just seeking knowledge from you and other members too. Be positive and confident and have faith that people are not only listening to you . AND ADMIRING YOU TOO.

  • "This in no way amounts to sales promotion or advertisement . "

    did ne 1 say dat u r advertising? who?

  • It is a general statement , not targeted at any one in particular .

  • oh ok. i thought sum 1 said dat 2 u.

  • You have written in better words what I wanted to . Thanx.

  • my wife had pcos problem and a wellknown and experienced gynecologist was hesitant to treart her, stating anaemia and ,bp and other issues. I consulted Homeo doctor , took scan and confirmed the cysts are present and homeo treatment continued for 8 months , and got cured, without a trace of the presence of cysts. this happened in the year 2008 -09.

  • Kirubagaran

    and why was the gynae hesitant to treat pcos. And sorry but how old was your wife then?

    anaemia, bp has nothing to do with pcos. But disturbed glucose tolerance is one of the causes and of course obesity too.

  • Look here we have the evidence. So never disgrace any method all are effective in somome ways. But it is also a proven fact that it is very difficult to find a good homeopathic doctor . Most of them are incompetent and only grab money . Reagarding the diet plan we must appreciate Mike . He always talks on realistic grounds. Atleast he is showing devotion to the cause. Please everyone should pay due respect to him.

  • It might be time tested, it isn't science tested.

  • With due regards to all the so called scientific experiments , I stand by my point . There is certain hidden motive behind all the APATHY shown towards homeopathy .

  • I am sorry homeopathy is not a time tested discipline anymore now

    I have ve seen a scientific study in British medical journal few years ago comparing the relative efficacy of Homeopathy,Naturopathy, acupuncture, magneto therapy,and Reiki.

    the results have shown only a "Placebo" effect, for all of them,although no harm also was reported.

    Hence no harm if somebody tries it out.

  • Time tested means in the experience of people , not the haphazard experiments made by a set of people who have got some vested interests. I have seen and experienced many beautiful cures in cases of kidney stones , fibroid tumors , rhumatic problems , certain cancers , bipolar diseases , depression ,ovarian cysts , veneral diseases and many more , which were given up by modern medicine .Even asthma has very good cure in homeopathy . we can't just brush them off saying placebo effect . The findings of British medical journals are just prejudices .I am sorry to say that .


  • Thanks.

  • Dear all,

    As I said earlier, I am a mechanical/marine engineer & not a homeopathy practitioner. I am not officially qualified to practice. My knowledge on homeopathy was passed on to me by my late father in law. All the library of books in homeopathy with me has been passed on to me by him. In 1989, due to untreated high BP, my mother suffered cerebral hammerage & she, was on artificial ventilation with other tubes & was in coma for 17 days. The chief doctor advised us to permit them to remove all life supports so that she can pass of peacefully. He said that there is no chance of her survival. My father in law requested the doctor to permit administration of homeopathy. They agreed & homeopathy along with life support started. Third day, she opened her eyes & was conscious.( medicines given were lachesis + opium + arnica) Scan revealed resolution of hammerrage; but presence of hydrocephalus. Doctors said that there is no allooathy medicines & suggested drilling of hole in the skull to drain the excess cerebro spinal fluid. Again, we gave specific homeo remedy (hellebores) and in three days, there was no hydrocephalus. To cut the story short, she lived for 20 years thereafter.

    Ever since this episode, I have been studying homeopathy day & night for 2.5 decades & have treated most complicated cases (only friends, relatives & aquintances) with great successes. The conditions that have met successes are, asthma, BP, vericose veins, prostate problems, piles to name a few. I do have a formula for diabetes. But, this will only be a support to help to protect secondary complications & help in diabetic control to an extent. I am in Chicago and all my formulae are left back in Bangalore in my lap top. I have done all my homeopathic services to friends, relatives etc. on free service basis & I do not take money for even the medicines I purchase. This is what I want to give back to my friends/relatives/acquaintances. I am extremely anguished to note some know all & end all fellow forum mates redicule every thing on which they have zero knowledge. In view of the presence of such people in this group, earlier I posted that we should leave homeopathy aside and concentrate on diabetic control by diet & exercises.

  • All my efforts are too woe homeoathic doctors to come

    forward and do their best to the cause of homeopathy . If my

    earnest request is conceded millions are going to be benefited with a fraction of the expenditure .

  • I am very thankful for this post . Even in my case for two generations , homeopathy had been in practice in the family . I have a certificate from the Institute of alternate medicine . I had been practicing homeopathy for the past 40 years . What I want to impress upon is 40 years of practical experience , can't be compared with 10 years of study of medicine and brushed off as quackery ,or hog wash or unscientific retirement hobby . I had taken up many cases which were given up by the highly qualified doctors .Even doctors in the family take medicines from me saying that their PRACTICE is for earning livelihood and they know very well the side effects and inefficiency of their system . None of the family members go to out side doctors . When it comes up the question of death ,in some cases even the modern medicine can't give a guarantee .One case of cancer came to me where the life span given by the Institute of Oncology was qne to two weeks . She lived for 5 years blissfully eating everything and enjoying the life to the fullest .Even diabetes patients I don't insist on full diet control . I tell them to eat every thing but in moderation .Right now I have a patient who has a very precarious health situation , with diabetes , high BP , fatty liver , Gall bladder removal and end stage of cancer . HIs son wanted to go for chemotherapy but the father wanted to go for homeopathy . Any way his life span is according to those doctors 3 months . I told him to eat everything including chacolates 2 numbers of 14 grams each and two mangos per day . When they are asked to restrict carbs , how do they get energy , that is vegetarians . Even butter , cheese , ghee all are adulterated . Too much of that fat could end up in grave condition .But we are helpless . I told the family members that I could not GIVE guarantee of life but if death is inevitable , let him die peacefully and painlessly . IF by any luck he recovers that is a good news .He is 68 year old . Mine is free clinic .I believe in the theory of repayment of debts to family , parents , society ,nature ,gurus , rishies and GOD.I give medicines also freely and I get my medicines from FR.Muller's pharmacy in Mangalore .

  • Syzygium cumini (Myrtaceae) is widely used traditional system of medicine to treat diabetes in India. Please check up in the net for more details

  • Type 2 has to do more with diet and exercise along with some constitutional medicine .Syzygium is called for , where excess thirst and weakness are found as per my observation .

  • Saswathy,

    Thank you for your post. We can share our experiences on one to one basis after I return to India in mid September. We can exchange our formulae. This will benefit our fiends & relatives. I too have a lung cancer case who was advised to go for chemotherapy. This is a lady who was treated for breast & ovarian cancer earlier and had been operated & gone through chemotherapy. Now, for the lung cancer (7 mm), she was advised chemotherapy once again. She is taking homeo remedies prescribed by me for the last 1.5 years & the size of the tumour is now 4 mm. Based on regular PET scan, doctors have said that chemo is not required and she may continue the homeo procedure & come for checkups only.

  • That's really a happy news.In the cancer case I gave medicines , she had 7.5 /7.5 cm. cervical cancerous tumor . with 4 years of medication it got reduced to 1.5 cm . She used to have regular MRI scans .So we could see the improvement . In the 5 th year she died , at t he age of 75 . very painless , problem free natural death , till the last minute happily talking and joking .She had near normal life with out any suffering associated with chemotherapy .She had no other health problems usually the people of her age suffer . This is really a feather in the cap of homeopathy and I present this case to show how homeopathy works . Of course we can't say that homeopathy does not have failures . But basing on them we can't brush it off as hog wash or quackery .

  • I am very much impressed by the strong recommendation for Homeopathy. I am in agreement with you as I have personally observed that there are medicines in homeopathy, which are very effective. I am not a medically trained person,but there are my friends, who practice homeopathy and have gained a little knowledge about homeopath. Every allopathic medicine practitioner says that there is no cure for Kidney stones, but I have seen my friends curing kidney stone trouble successfully resolved. One should not under estimate any alternate medicine therapy, its my humble request. Keep it up Saswathy.

  • Thank you very much for your response and support for the cause of homeopathy .

  • Where csn zi get help to pay for my Bydureon?

  • ????

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