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Remedy for Diabetes in Homeopathy ?

Doctor tells me to stop all Allopathic medications ???

I am a Diabetic for the past 28 years.

Have been regularly consuming Allopathic medications for 28 years (Amaryl, Janumet , Cozar, Atorvastatin).

I am also impacted by Thyroid. Taking Thyronorm all these years. (Tons and tons of allopathic medications)

Went to a Homeopathy Doctor with the intent to switch over to Homeo from Allopathic.

He instructed me to stop all Allopathic medications.

He says "If you dont stop All allopathic medications, our Homeo medications wont work "

My sugar is high around 400 (PP).

Feeling very uneasy, tired, more urination.

And my sugar has never been in control so far in the last 4 weeks. I dont know what to do.

Don't want to antagonise the DOC and at the same time scarred that my sugar is out of control.

Please advice.

Is there a definite REMEDY in homeopathy.

I am a pure vegetarian and have some 1 hour walking practice for 4 days a week.

My advance thanks to all those who respond.


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What is your diet ? Most of the time main cause of uncontrolled sugar is improper diet. Means diet which is loaded with carbs. In diabetes, diet is the key component in BS control. Have you tried low carb high fat diet? LCHF diet will improve BS and overall health. There is lot of posted about LCHF diet on this forum.

If homeopathy is going to be effective for you, it will take time so stopping medications at this level will only result in further rise in BS levels.


Thanks Shrisamarth for your response.

I am basically a Rice eater and my age is 63.

I take (a) Oat meal in the morning for Breakfast. (b) Rice with some vegetables, Dhal and curd for lunch (c) Fruit like Papaya with tea around 4 pm.... No sugar added and (d) some Idlies or dosas 2 or 3 in the night with 1/2 banana in the night.

I am not a Fooddie, but once in a way when I feel dejected, I go to the big restaurants where full course meals are offered for 200 rupees, I eat well and skip my dinner.................just to let go of my frustration.

My sugar has been around 400 in the last 20 days or so............and so I am little scared how it would impact other parts of body, before the Homeo medicines start working.

But the Homeo Doctor ( strict and very firm ) says that unless the Allopathy medicines are stopped, nothing in Homeo will work.....I am in a fix

Thanks though and regards,


Some pure homeopaths do restrict to take other medicines. As these medicines are sensitive and they become ineffective with strong allopathic drugs.

Your diet as already guessed is loaded with high carbs. Without controlling and counting carbs you will never be in good BS control.


Thanks Shrisamarth for your input / guidance.



Thanks Medfree for your kind words / guidance.

Never I used to count CARBs due to the reason I was travelling a lot.

Moreoever I did not have access to any Homeopathy doctors at all for more than 20 years.

I used to feel it any time when the CARBs go up / or below 70 some times.

Going forward, I will try to control the CARBs as much as I can.

I think there are some Doctors in Bangalore (where I live) who are prescribing both Allopathic with Homeo parellelly. I am planning to switch to such doctor.

Regards to you both sirs,


dear siva,

please bring down your sugar immediately with insulin. It is very dangerously high. I tried so called best homeopath in delhi and other placeses but my sugar went up. Yes they say to stop everything including shampoo. homepaty workes if the doctor diagonse the correct symptoms. It takes months. now a days no doctor have time or patience to do that.eventually i have to stop homepathy and take allopathic medicine. now i control my blood sugar with god grace LCHF DIET AND Metformin sr 500 two times.


Thanks Babu and Atma for your kind responses.

I do have next appointment with Homeo in another 3 days.

Till then, I am going to Fast in the mornings and take very less intake in the evenings and keep the BS under 200.

Hopefully, it is DOABLE.... don't know.

I am already feeling very weak (my age is 63) and dont know how this is going to impact.

During this visit, I am going to express my concerns to this HOMEO doc and ask him about the risks and probably may tell him


Grateful to you both (babu and Atma) for your kind words / response and guidance.

May GOD bless you and every one.


Tell the homeo doctor that you agree to stop allopathic medicines and start taking homeo medicines alongwith the allopathic medicines, you need to just have a time separation of half an hour between the allopathic and homeo medicines. they can be taken simultaneously. I have been practicing homeopathy since past 25 yrs. can speak to me on 9899023711


Thanks Mr. Brigajay for your response.

WITH DUE REGARDS TO THE HOMEO DOCTOR I visit with, let me describe below in brief:

I have been a Diabetic (type 2) since 1987.

My dad was a diabetic.....but he came to know about it in late 60s before he passed away (due to some other ailment.... not Diabetes though)

I have been managing with Allopathic all these years.

When I invited my friend for a lunch in May 2014, he was astonished to see the list of medicines I had on a separate plate along with regular lunch plate.

My friend is known to me since my KG days (1957 ) and we have been good friends too.


He also said he has immense faith in Homeo, provided I go to the right Doc for diagnosis.

After this, I saw an AD in the TV for an Ayurvedic Powder by name 'DIA SUGAR RELIEF' which is manufactured in Hardwar.

I bought 2 pack and started on this on June 1, 2014.

Then I decided to check with a Homeo Doctor.

I, currently, live in Bangalore and so visited the nearest facility on 6th of June.

At that time I was on Fever medication for 3 days.

So the DOC said.............

"You are on Allopathic medications now. Get over the course and come back ........... for us to cleanse the system before we decide on the course of treatment. No other medications now".

He, however, prescribed WHEAT GRASS powder, which I started taking on regular basis from 9th June.

On June 18th, I was put on one dose of SYPHI 1M and sent home.

During my next scheduled visit on 25th, the DOC prescribed S 1M ( Probably Sulphur 1M..... I am guessing) .........and the dosage of 1 - 0 - 1.

Currently I am on this medication along with Wheat grass twice daily.

I did mention to the DOC that my BS (both Fasting and PP) are way high and not in control.

He said

" let us see how your body reacts as and when the BS shoots up / or stays high.........let us allow the body mechanism to know / and react when BS hits high (instead of just taking Allopathic medications and suppressing the existing natural mechanisms). "

I am 63 years old (weighing 67 KGs) with more or less normal built.

Grew up in nice environment without any issues / depressions.

However the work load I faced in the last 20 years (till 2013) was huge (almost 15 hours a day) and without proper 'Work life balance".

I realized that I needed a break before call it "FULL QUITS from this world"....

So, on a fine morning, I gave a notice 2 months for a replacement ( I did not give them an option to have me beyond that) to the company I was working and finally quit.

Since I quit, the life has been better..... though I became more lazy.

This has been a little history ( I dont want to bore you with my personal side.... but I guess you needed some info to know me well in order to pick the right way in Homeo world.

Hence the above briefing.

Now my action plan is :

I am going to walk (briskly) for 1 1/2 hours in the morning and have a veggie soup.

Thats all till 3 PM.

I am going to advance my Dinner to 4 PM and have some 2 chapathis with Veggies one plate.

I cup of milk in the night. Of course, I am going to continue with evening walking for about 1 hour.

I guess this should bring down my Fasting BS at least to 140 and the PP to 230 or so.....

Thank you sir again and

last but not the least, I have good regards for the Homeo DOC I am attending.

Also I have full faith in the system of Homeo .......I know it works in several cases.... little slow.... but how far and how long do I have to wait for it to start impacting on my system. I have no answers.

Per my mom who is in late 80s. She says

" Just do what I am saying.... go back to Allopathic..... get rid of all experimenting thoughts at this age.... are you stupid.......you hear me?"..............I can only say they she belongs to a different generation altogether.

Grateful to you for your time / response / thoughts on me.


Well.Each Homeo doctor has his own line of treatment .As your blood sugar is very high as Homeo Doc. I do not advise my patient to stop all allopathic medicines .An experienced doc. will have to bail out the patient from high sugar levels through effective management of Allopathic drugs ,even Insulin administration ,if necessary and then start some mother tinctures of Homeo simultaneously. Once Sugar levels are under good control try different Homeo potentised medicines, as per the requirement,by reducing allopathic drugs to a great extent, and add some good ayurvedic medicines also.(which according to my experience work well).-Dr.D.H.Rao-Mob.09962264476(Chennai)


Dear Doctor:

Good Morning.

Can you suggest any Homeo Doctor in Bangalore for me.

I cannot make trips to Chennai .

Regards and grateful to you for your advice.



all the best


Dear Siva,

I admire Homoeo. My doc told me to take allopath medicine to bring the sugar levels under control. The best will be to switch to LCHF along with medication. If you are very particular about Homoeo med take along with allopath medicine Syzigium 1X ( Schwebe) tablets 3-3-3 giving a gap of 30 min if you have taken any food or medication. Check your sugar levels every alternate day and bring it to safer levels. If you don't show improvement within 1 week you need to go for insulin. Do not neglect. Tell your Homoeopath to be reasonable.


Thanks Mr. Aiyaraj.

Could you suggest any good Doctors in Bangalore who would mix Allo with Homeo for me.

Grateful to you for your inputs.



You may visit Homoeo world in Malleswaram, near Sampige Theater.


Thanks Mr. Aiyaraj



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