Rice or Wheat has been our Staple food for generations before the LCHF surfaced like the earth became global only after Socrates with the exception that he was killed for telling the truth by poisoning in public but similarities with LCHF not as yet.

Our eating habits whether at home or outside had to be rice plus something or bread/ rotties plus something- as the bulk of the food we ate were either of these two.

The landscape I am around possesses plenty of rice fields, coconut plantations, green grams, black grams, fresh dairy, all kinds of vegetables and fish from lagoon and sea and meats.

What would be the replacement for rice/ wheat from this environment for [a] Vegetarians Non Vegetarians on LCHF diet?


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5 Replies

  • replace all kind of grains with moong and chana sprouts(either make dosa , idli, eat raw ) will be simpler :) dairy not in form of liquid but solid :)

  • Drinking milk?

  • Strained curd from full fat milk preferred to milk. should come in handy to see carb/protein/fat of every item that goes to your meals and then restrict carbs to 100 grams a day for whatever you eat. Bump up fat to 60%+ of your daily energy needs. Proteins in 15-20% ballpark.

  • The archaeological evidence is that our ancestors were healthier before we became agricultural. When we started to farm grains, our stature shrank and became diseased.

    The Egyptian mummies were riddled with cancer, heart disease and diabetes because of their predominantly grain-based diet, according to Barry Sears.

  • kappa and curry meen??

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