what will house wife do for LCHF

please answer this issue.

18 yrs of vegetarian (transferred from non veg about 16 years back) diabetic suffering male -60 yrs .wife 53 yrs suffering diabetic for 8 yrs and not highly educated to understand the LCHF diet ,etc ( she can only make dosa, idli, pongal, appam, all derivatives from rice. and chapathi) can really do to prepare the b/f, lunch, and dinner for me and her to keep the BS level down and also avoid attendant complications. I already suffered cellulitis and now having peripheral neuro pathy, blurred vision and shoulder seizure, ED, PME, BP, calf muscle cramp.

suggestions are solicited for reducing my monthly medicine expenses of nearly 6000/- and improving dietary dishes and health .

thanks in advance

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  • Hi ravleen my Email mrvaradhya@gmail.com

    I am also vegetarian adjusted with Black coffee with VCO three times a day , BF 300 grams of Raw veg with sprouts , Lunch 300 grams of Raw veg with cooked chana, Dinner Two chapathi with saag & salads followed by a bowl of curd , please sujjest , right or wrong

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  • Madam

    Please send diet details to my email also


    I am diabetic for the 12 years and suffering from retinopathy

    which is uncurable.

    Ravi Rao,Guntur,9581442167

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  • Dear Ravleen,

    I am 57 years old suffering with diabetes from last 16 years, insulin dependent with other medicines. Kindly, send me LCHF diet details. My email id is rahman1030@gmail.com.



  • Pl send the details to my ID amulyabr@rediffmail. com

  • Hai Ravlin mam. .dis is shambu from coorg..pls send me also lchf menu if u hsve tnank u..mail. .shambu1012@gmail.com

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  • Switch to LCHF diet. That's the only way out for diabetics.

    Rs 6000/month on drugs is too much.

    Following person reduced his expenses by Rs 3000/month by cutting off two drugs in first week of transitioning to LCHF:


  • Totally endorse Anup's reply. LCHF is your ONLY recourse.

  • Would be much obliged ,if you can send me the same. Thanks. Chopin


  • To cut chapatti & rice from your daily food for 15 days & keep daily BSL Report. You will be surprised.

  • Good morning Ravleen. I am in border of Diabetes Fasting 100 & PP 170.

    my mail 'rajanant27@yahoo.com'

    You pl. mail me LCHF Diet details

  • FBS of 100 and PPBS of 170 is confirmed diabetic.. For LCHF details you can check Anup's profile..

  • Good morning Ravleen. I am Diabetic.

    please send me the diet plan.

    my mail is ramangumber@gmail.com

  • Good afternoon Ravleen.

    please send me the diet plan.

    my mail is raphaeldsouzam@outlook.com

  • Thanks for the warning.

    Ravleen madam has not suggested any LCHF diet plan. she is only informing to contact CUREYO.com doctors online.

  • Ravleen Pl send me details at my email ssjhamb@gmail.com.


  • Switch to LCHF diet.For vegetarian people there is ample scope for they can take pure ghee, paneer, cheese etc along with cauliflower, palak, methi green , cabbage, ladyfinger, brocoli, zukini etc along moong sprouts with( garic paste, sliced onion, cocumber, crriander leaves, sliced tomato etc) Please avoid total grains (rice wheat, ragi etc) Follow Arun kumar,Anup, Mike Pollard. You will be benefited. Thanks

  • Hi,

    Thaks for your concern it would have been better if your message would have been posted on this site for the benefit of all.

    Ramesh Rao

  • Sir, pl dont get carried on by people who.direct you to sites with doctors or quacks. They vl make you spend more money and loose health. You need to control your diet. If your wife is not educated u read nd educate her. You can also cook meals that keeps you busy and helps you to connect vth food. Lchf is not a cuisine its just changing what we eat. You search in this site as well google you vl get lot of indian veg meal plans. Kindly work on it. Self control is the only medicine. Exercise is also must.

  • thanks very much for the caution and advice. but at 60 ,Iknow only to cook hot water and my wife never allowed me to enter her territory. same thing happened with my mother also.Now feel so helpless.

    the insulin catridges earlier were sold with needles as a pack. NOw biocon has seperated the medicine and needles packed seperately and charging extra for the needles.so my expense will also increase.

    however the panneer doda taken for the past few days has given me great relief for my peripheral neuropathy tingling and pain in the ankles.

    even the so called experts /diabeticians /dieticians do not have time to upgrade the LCHF knowledge and only harping on walk, walk till your knees are worn out and increase the shots till medicine companies overflowing with filthy rich.

    any way the fact is diabetes is a never ending story.

  • Always be thankful for what you have ...remain optimistic...According to my experience ...lchf actually make you free from making tedious traditional indian dishes. Just remember the formula to keep away from grains as much as you can and add more fat and protien to diet...my wife forced me to follow LCHF and started that for me...now she came back India and I am managing on my own...though I am not able o follow diligently: ): )you dont need to cooking specialist or spend much time in kitchen for that. There are many easy recipes in dlife.in in different sections of lunch/dinner/breakfast.

  • Sir,Please what's Paneer Doda? I have been away from India almost 44 yrs.? forgive my ignorance. Thanks.

  • Thanks for your encouraging reply.

    I will start with ,what knowledge gained in the forum on LCHF.

  • Go for LCHF.That is the only solution.

  • Ravleen Pl send me details at my email knag1947@gmsil.com


  • Please send LCHF diet details my email is swamireva@gmail.com.s.swaminathan

  • Very recently,I have come across that VIRGIN ORGANIC COCONUTOIL has some use in controlling diabetis. Couple of days back I bought half a ltr V O Coconutoil and I am yet to try this.

    It can be used asCooking medium etc.and small quantities can be consumed directly ,may be to start with quarter spoon. you may go thro details on internet ,try and share yr exp.


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