It is estimated that we have more than 600 LCHF followers on this forum.

Anupjee is leader and guide for all these beneficiaries.

How about having one LCHF party...

We may call pharma company and doctors and media to the party....we  can have open discussion with doctors and pharma...

Guess this will help in reversing the tide.

May be we can take sponsorship from some pharmaceutical company for this...LOL


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8 Replies

  • Yay, I'll come...😄

  • Hmmm......let us try.... they have many rivalry....we can get use of this.....

    We can call leading Doctors...have open discussions...

    This will be beneficial for members and even for Doctors...

    Or else as anupjee rightly said....doctors are working like robots...just following standard protocol.

  • Feed the guidelines to robots and they will do a good job at writing prescription. One advantage would be that even u and me can read those prescriptions as against the current ones which only doctor and pharmacy can read in India.

    If Microsoft could get a AI bot (though taken offline for making racist comments), day is not far when Bots with AI can be programmed to write prescriptions too.

  • Guess such type of S/W already available online for Homeopathy..

  • 600 are no longer here. Most of them left due to repeated insults and personal jibes against them just for heck of it. Many of their posts are also slowly and mysteriously disappearing from forum.

    Party -- Always ready. Even In PUNE you will find many Indian diabetics on LCHF diet. Let the number grow, I have in mind local LCHF chapters too just like automobile enthusiasts have local chapters where they get together frequently. Have seen this happen on and in India.

    In India tide only changes when you get on road in huge numbers and challenge the authority. Long struggle needed then everyone will change.

  • Great.........nice idea....

  • I have many ideas and I am not going to throw in the towel.

    Just waiting for spare money to pump in more on this.

    But, PUNE has many diabetics on LCHF diet. So you guys can surely organize a meet locally.

  • Good idea 

    Can invite drs and dieticians 

    Pharma will not be interested as they have nothing to do with any diet... at least in india. They will be lost and will not understand why they were invited.  

    Better we invite some patients, drs and nutritionists 

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