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Uncontrolled B'S PP

I am 65 years male suffering from Type 2 diabetes since 1988. Initially upto 2000 I managed without medicine by exercise and diet control.  Thereafter gradually medicines started and now I take medicines upto full extent as per my doctor. I take Trajenta 5 Triglimisave LS2 forte in morning with Breakfastand combination of metfomin 500mg glimiperide 2 mg and voglibose 0.2 in afternoon and night with lunch and dinner. I am also taking medicines for BP and ecospirin and atrovastatin combination besides veltam0.4  I have started taking BGR 34 for last 4 months.

Though my fasting BS is controlled my PP goes haywire. Recently my B'S fasting was 114 and PP was 221. I take a corbohydrates restricted diet limiting my carbohydrates intake to about 20 percent of total calories. My total calories intake is appros 1800 kcal. I go for regular brisk walk about 45 minutes every day. Doctor advises to switch to insulin.  Seek gu dance for further course of action.

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You MUST change your what you eat. You CANNOT cover a bad diet with medicine, which is illustrated by your downward trajectory.

Anup will reply to your query, his story will inspire you. In the meantime google LCHF.


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