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uncontrolled fasting sugar level.plz help

hi..i am 36 yr old ff-120-135, rest pp are always within 140-160 levels.i take istamet-50-500mg twice.

i take methi seeds soaked sometimes with food.is it ok or it effects nutrition absorbtion.plz suggest any remedy to reduce Fasting sugar level.will VCO at bed time or ...anything help.

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Post your daily meal plan.


breakfast-milk n wheat dalia,poha,upma,idli,dosa,vermicilli,paratha any one of these

lunch and dinner i take 2 mixed flour(wheat,black chana,soya) chapati with dal or one vegetable.

noon time a fruit or salad and evening fruit nad milk or only milk.

methi seeds soaked half spoon i mix with bf,lunch n dinner

cant follow lchf diet plz.want remedy for ff levels


Your diet is loaded with carbs. So without reducing carb intake it will be hard for you to control your BS levels. And if you don't change diet then your drug prescription will go on increasing without any relief.






Your diet seems to be ok. Please go for or increase your physical activity.


Dear freind

I also have fasting sugar about 150 to 160 from last 15 days.some of my freind give me suggestion to eat yugurt about 250 gm every day empty stomach.and one more totka of 100 almonds 100 black pepper 100 cardamom 100 neem leaves and half kg chick peas roasted (kaly chany bhony hue).crush and mix all and eat one time tea spoon in a day.and brush your teeth at night and in the morning drink water with the morning mouth stuff go inside.i started these three totkay and my sugar level is good enough that I can eat rice and some sweet.y will see results in 4 or 5 days inshallah.


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