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PP sugar is really high

Guys i am diabetic from past one year now my fasting blood sugar level are somewhat controlled but after eating food they spike really high.

these are my fasting and pp tests:-

15 April : F = 90 PP = 200

16 April : F = 80 PP = 176

18 April : F = 101 PP = 198

19 April : F = 75 PP = 153

Please Help.....!!!!

These test are after breakfast everyday i ate 3 chapatis with achaar

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Try to eat two chapaties and see the result.


Tried that but no significant difference


What is lchf diet sir ?


Sir, give some information on diet and exercise regime that helped you keep diabetic free life style.


Have you seen your doctor to discuss carb counting? Are you type 1, 2 or LADA (1.5)?


Hi, Don't get carried away with your reading. It's under control. It's not a panic situation. Everyone's body constituent is different. If you get tensed, your sugar level will shoot up. Be calm and don't ever think that you r a diabetic. mind creates everything. There are few simple home remedies which can bring your sugar level under certain level too.

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