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Positive results with Ayurvedic Diabetes Powder

Sharing this post purely as a user:

I had purchased an Ayurvedic Diabetes Powder from one of the members of this form (Mr B S Padam based in Jalandhar and is an engineer by profession). Within the first 3 days of consuming this powder, I could see my BS levels coming down. After 10 days' use, my fasting level is now around 114 from around 140. My PP reading used to be above 240, which has come down to 130.

Some of the ingredients of this powder, which Mr Padam has christened as "Ramban" powder, are :

Gudmar, jamun, chaureta, karela, kadu, nim giri, nim chhal, gloa, paneer dodi, trifla, trilkuta, kaunch beej, bel pattar , sadabahar, meethi beej, meethi pattar

Those interested can directly get in touch with Mr Padam on 08558892244; Mail ID : bspadam@gmail.com.

I am diabetic since late 90's and have tried many supplementary remedies like this all these years. I joined this forum only a few months back and have learnt a lot about diabetes and ways to control it, LCHF, long wheat mash diet, etc. Based on LCHF diet, I completely avoid taking rice and have 3 chapathis only for lunch. I could not continue with long wheat diet regimen because availability of long wheat seems to be a problem (at least in Baroda where I live) for which I am still trying to find a way out. I still continue with my regular medicine (1 tab Glycomet GP2 -morning & GP1 @ night), besides morning walk.

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it would be magnanimous on your part if you ask Mr. Padam to introduce himself in FULL detail/length; how many people/patients been treated with this powder???? any further/additional endorsements form patients????? it'd be wiser on your part as well as his to get clinical trials or something similar and then thru reputed MNC or Indian Pharma Mfr. after endorsement and successful tests, etc. get the powder mfgd. in bulk and then subsequent sale for public, here as well as abroad. Why desist from such approach????? BTW(By The Way) what dosage did you take, how many times a day, etc. etc. pls elaborate; thanks in advance, many thanks for your info. God bless us ALL, ALL< ALL with good ehalth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I agree with you. Mr Padam will provide further details. Dosage is 1 tsp each morning empty stomach and after dinner.

thanks; just endorsement from one forum member isn't enough to vouch for it or convince us about merits of any given product; proper scientific approach should be adopted; let the ingredients (& we're all aware about properties of the ingredients mentioned by the gentleman) but appropriate procedures and mfg. processes is reqd. for authenticity; after approvals from clinical trials and due adoption form established phrma mfr. everyone would grab it, go for it wholesome and wholesale!!!!!!!!!!!!!! in totality. if his BG/SG levels are almost normal in span of 10 days, when is he going to discard allopathic medicines????? just curious to know.

I am closely monitoring my BG levels and will change my medicine dosage as per my doctor's advice. I have made it clear that I am sharing this info as a user. I am not selling anything. If any other member wants to give it a try, he/she can contact Mr Padam on the nos given earlier. Take it or leave it - as simple as that!


Venkas ji good evening.i want try ur suggestion for B s padam,s powder.pls tell ur experience about this powder

Myself.Ramzan khan MIDC Tarapur Boisar Near Mumbai


Cell.8806111555 Thanks u

Pls tell ur contact no.or mail id .i want talk to u.

My experience with this powder has definitely been encouraging. Have sent you a separate mail just now.

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Dear Mr.Venkatesh, My email id is veevee_chari@yahoo.com. I have bn following ur post and am also in touch with Mr.padam. aai am eagerly awaiting to hear abt ur secon report, which u informed, will be after u return from ur tour. Mywelf and my wife, who 77 & 75 yrs resp. are diabetic for over 25 yrs. My wife in on insuline, lantus, and am on pills. Iwd appreciate if u cd let me know ur opinion on Padam's medicine. I hve already asked him to send me the medicine. After my exp. with that I will advise my other relatives andand friends. Thanks a lot. V.V.Chari

Thanks u God bless u.i want to try ur formula.

My add.Ramzan khan

Alfa Tube Traders. Navapur Road .MIDC Tarapur Boisar



Mail.rkramzan5255@gmail.com. pls send and mail ur experience.i m happy by ur

Post.thanks again

bspadam ji,

Thank you for the info given. I am a diabetic since 2004. Got the operation for cataract in both the eyes. I am using zemer2 ,one in the morning and

my fs is 135 and PP is 165. I just wanted to use ayurvedic medicine. You have the medicine with you. Can I have the sample of that medicine. My address is AP Gargi, 32/111, Swarn Path, Mansrover, Jaipur-302020. If you can help me pl. help me.

Dear Mr. Padam,

I am Jeevan K Asthana from Hyderabad, and suffering from diabetes please send your medicine, I have also sent a mail to you from jeevanlife@live.com. Thanx

Dear Padamji,

My name is Vijayanand G.Sutar from kolhapur Maharashtra and suffering from Diabetic Type 2 since last 3 years. I will be glad to test your medicine.

My add is Vijayanand G Sutar

Pattan kodoli, Taluka::Hatakanagle, Dist. Kolhapur, State : Maharashtra - 416202


Mail.vsutar1484@gmail.com. pls send and mail ur experience.i am happy to receive this. Thanks in advance.

dear mr padam if it is not for business,why not you post all ingredient's with amount of herb in your powder (churna). people will prepare it home and take it simply.

Yes, I would like it to give a try. My address is :

Prashant Kumar, A-501,S B Residency, Sheikhpura, South of Pillor No. 70, Bailey Road, Patna, Bihar, India 800014.

My mail I'd is prashant.ntpc@gmail.com. I wwould be thankful if you could also send the ingredients name and qty. to be mixed, so that I could get it from some herbal market, and continue the treatment, if the trial is satisfactory. What would be the cost if you provide it. Thanks and regards.

I would also like to try if it is so effective. Rs.100 + courier charges. OK. My e mail is arun444anju@yahoo.co.in. Please send me an e-mail, I will give my mailing address immediately. Also please let me know for how many days this medicine is to be taken. Also please let me know how to take it, means quantity, with regular or hot water, before meal or after. Awaiting your mail. Thanks

Sir I am diabetic and suffering with ED as well would like to try your formula my Email I'd is rai_vinod@hotmail.com phone 08130688843.Would also like to know the the cost of the medicine.

thanks very good report

How do you consume this 'Ramdan' powder. Is it one teaspoon in the morning empty stomach and the same after dinner. Do we need to mix it water and take or directly take the powder. Please advice?

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That's correct. I take this powder after mixing in luke warm water.

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Sri.Padam, Once in Empty Stomach in morning and again after Dinner second Dose?Pl clarify

dear Sri.Padam, Pl send me Ramban. My address: CA.P.N.Kannan,FCA., Crystal Kathuri Apts., Third Floor, Flat:e., Plot 5072., 6th Avenue, Z Block, Annanagar, CHENNAI 600 BA1c040 (Mobile 9381062307) I am 72 years of age and Diabetic since last 10 years. current Blood sugar Levels are FAsting159 P.P 208 HB A1c 8.1% suffering frequent urination and also burning sensation on feet. Regards,


Dear Sir,

Good Morning. I am diabetic since 1983. I am taking alopathy medicines as per the doctor advice. I am not very strict to the advice and leading a life according to the circumstances. Due to long use of alopathic medicines there are some side effects. So I want to switch over to ayurvedic medicines.

Please advice more details of the subject herbal medicine/powder and send me the herbal powder to cure the diabetic by VPP.

With regards,



Dear Padam Sir,

With due respect I am curious to try this product for my mother who has been suffering since a long time and have been on Allopathic medication but unfortunately no better results so far .

If I would request you to send the powder for a trial basis will that be ok for you ?

The reason behind this request is to ensure that the powder will be effective and gain confidence to buy further from you .

My address


Mrs Hemalata Behera

C/o : Mr Surendra Nath Behera

Door No : BL/4 1st Floor

Basanti Colony

Town : Rourkela

Dist : Sundargarh

Pin : 769012


Mob : 8984079068

Hello, bs padam ji

I have gone through several posts and now want to try your medicines so please send

me . My email id is vrs601@gmail.com

My address

Birendra Roy

Lotus Panach , flat no 305 T10

Noida sec 110


Pin 201301

For God seek, don't try such powders. I am a victim of such powder. I tried it 6 months back and no effect. Adopt less Carbs in your diet and keep away the high levels. I have proved in my case and you will surprise my PP & FS are well controlled. I do take Glucomet 500 SR 1 tab per day ( Earlier I was taking 2 to 3 tabs per day ). My average BS H1bAC is 6.5 earlier it use to be 9.5. So friends don't try any alternative . Adopt LCHF diet and have regular exercise at least 45 minutes brisk walking in morning. And see the change in 8 days.

Dear Anup,

Thanks for reply. A1C was 9.5 2 yrs back, when I shifted LCHF. @ months back, I was unwell for 15 days. During that period my wife, HOME MINISTER forced me to keep aside my diet and give me dal and rice for 8 days, after that it was 6.5

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