Very good controlled diabetes 2

I m using LWM according Respected Mr S George sir Since one year

Thanks u My brother Mr George and Mr Anil Gupta from Pune Allah bless u

Mr Shooter George tell us about Long wheat and Mr Anil Gupta tell me adress for shopping long wheat in pune

One year ago i was feeling very nervous

And now i m young

Allah ne aap logo ke jariye se Duniyan ke logo ko is diabetes jaisi musibat se nijat dilai

Dosto LONG WHEAT MAS khao aur apni jindagi aaram se jio aur logo ka bhala karo mera alopathy treatment bus chhutne ki kagar per hai bahut mamuli bacha hai

Allah sab ko nirogi bana de



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  • You will gate long wheat at Vegmart shop at baner 9130035056 mr vijay

  • good.

  • I am on LWMDR for 4 mths now, sugar is getting controlled, except, when, I cheat, due to various functions I have to visit. But, lately, long wheat is not available in Trivandrum city. Enquiring everywhereb but in vain. Anyone can help, where to get it, or online stores? Thank you in advance.

  • Whenever I pass by the shops from where I used to buy LW when I was Diabetic & see that LW is still displayed there now also- nearly half a dozen outlets.

  • shooter George you R a GENIUS! kudos to you for all the inspiration provided to diabetics and fellow Living Creatures on this platform; you mention viz. whenever you pass by these shops..... which shops and which city, what locality/area? just curiosity; Maybe, I'd give ti a shot and try if at all you happen to refer to city of Mumbai; thanks in advance, God bless all with good health, Rgds,

  • I am in Kerala. People say that LW is cultivated in Maharashtra; so it must be available every where in Mumbai. Please visit the post of member Recyan at ACROSS INDIA BY MEMBER Recyan

  • please help to find long wheat in Mumbai thanks


  • Good!May Allah bless all of us!

  • Good. Keep it up & get cured soon. Instead of "1gm" make it "1gm or more" for faster result. Scientific study of 2001 ADE showed this.

  • I found LW in a shop nearby. Thank you Sir, Shooter George. I used to take glycopage 500 gm in the morning after breakfast and glycopage 850 after dinner. For more than a month now, after taking LW I find PPBS is very low, 102, 98, range. I stopped taking the tablet for the morning since yesterday. Now PPBS is 129. Let me monitor for a couple of days more,.....................

  • You should not have jumped from 500 to 0mg. System will react unpredictably. Be prepared for surprises.

  • Sir, Today, PPBS was 86. I had LW with payar and coconut scrapping (that is my regular diet for breakfast). FBS on waking up was 100. But, I was feeling hungry quite often. I drink water or cold black coffee then. Let me monitor for a week without medicine for the morning, and will keep you informed. Thank you for your concern and guidence.

  • Thank you for the details. Wish you all the best.

    Please keep reporting the status.

  • Dear Sir, Where to buy and in what form we have to take the long wheat(How to consume/cook etc) In chennai (Tamilnadu can i get it)

    Please reply



  • In TN ask for Samba/Chamba/Thuusi/Oosi Goothumai. Once you get LW visit LWMDR to know preparation. Ask in case of doubt.

  • Ramzan Bhai,

    Sayad aap Mumbai se ho....mai bhi Mumbai me hu...kya aap se baat ho sakti hai? Please apna number dijiye...mera number hai 7506449260.


  • Please go through my posts here or read my Appropedia article on the topic.

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