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Encouraging results in controlling of blood sugar with LWMDR


I have started LWMDR as per Shooter George's directions two weeks ago. I am getting encouraging results in controlling my blood sugar.

I am aged 62 ,Type 2 diabetic since 1994, with my sugar levels FS 125 and PP around 165 with Sitagliptin 5/100 and Vit B1,6,12. I was not able to reduce this for many tears. For about a year now, I am having peripheral nueropathy and was under medication ( gabopentin 300, which was brought down by gabapentin 100).

I have started LWMDR on 22nd March 2014 and my blood sugar gradually came to FS 109 and PP 93 on 04/04/2014. Though I wanted to try this for a long time, I was not getting the right wheat as per description of shooter George till recently. I have earlier tried with the husk but could not continue.

My readings are as below:



There is a good improvement in the HBA1C also.

I would like to get comments from members and also from Shooter George.

Thanks and regards

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what is LWMDR

Hi Roger 123

Long Wheat Mash Diet Regimen (LWMDR). It is diet with Long wheat as practiced by shooter george. You will get more details if you search LWMDR in google.



Good result but you have to monitor the readings over a longer period.Hopefully, you might be able to reduce the medication also in future.By the way,please tell us how you are using the LW in your diet.

Thanks for your response. I take what porridge in the morning and evening ( boiling the wheat with three to four times water) and with usual curries. For lunch I take rice , salads, and some curries.

I get better sleep, and the itching sensation in my feet also reduced.

prediabetic in reply to brpillai

Sir is itching of legs during sleep is also due to diabetis

dear prediabetic,

Yest, most probably. If i understood correctly. Due to continued high blood sugar, even if it is marginally higher, the blood supply to the feet is affected, as the blood vessels system to the feet is the longest from heart. The sensory nerve system at these points do not get sufficient supply of blood and they do not function effectively. This could also happen to the palms. This in medical terms is called peripheral nueropathy.

I suggest to consult your doctor.


I started this diet around jan 17th,2014. I'm still struggling my fasting sugar is always under 100 since I started the diet but 2hr after meal is usually over 200 and 3hrs after is under 140 almost all the time. If I take only 2/3 of the recommended serving of the wheat then I have better results for 2hr post meal. I'm even starting to grind the wheat and make one chapati for lunch which will make up for the rest of my serving. But if I take a full recommended serving my 2hr post meal is always around 200. I'm not sure if totally cutting anything sweet and fruits etc is the cause for my morning sugar to be under 100 or long wheat has anything to do with it, but whatever it is I'll continue this for at least a year but I miss fruits so much.

634shy I had similar outcome as you till a few weeks ago. With effect from January 11th I reduced daily carb intake by 300 grams. Now my random mostly is between 128 and 180 (2 hour PP used to be over 200 and up to 252 till two weeks ago)...I take a 20 g carb snack between all three day meals and two snacks between dinner and breakfast. I think eating 7-8 times in 24 hours has helped the cut in carbohydrate in take..I took to snack after dinner about 15 days ago

634shy in reply to norreal

I take 2/3 recommended serving of mash in the morning and one chapati/sabji/curd for lunch/fistfull almonds and tea at 4pm and 2/3 recommended serving of mash/sabji/salad/curd and glass of milk at 10pm. that's my menu for pretty much everyday.

I'm mixing medfree's recommendation with Shootergeorge. I take homo milk with 3.25% fat that's the closest to whole milk I can get, I used 2% before.

norreal in reply to norreal

Besides medicine for allergy, hypertension and recently for cholesterol, I do not take any drug. The reduction in BS has come through carb reduction, in crease in snack breaks and addition of 3 km walk to previous 4.

Too short a time to say that there is improvement. Please check after 3 months. All the best.

Thanks Aiyaraj for the response. I agree that the time is too short for any convincing observation.

I will continue this and will update the progress.

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