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Is 'LCHF' more useful than 'STATIN' to lower LDL????

Plz correct me if I am wrong.....

It is said that 'STATIN' is wonder drug and is helpful for lowering LDL.

However, Total Cholesterol = HDL +LDL+ ( Triglycerides/5)

Now it is also known fact that by cutting carbs your Triglycerides falls like rock.......also by eating healthy fats and by correcting your omega3 ratio your HDL raises.

Now with this dietary modification your lipid profile will change drastically in lowering LDL.

like Total Cholesterol = ↑ HDL + ↓ LDL+ ↓  ( Triglycerides/5)

This will also save from deadly side effects of Statin.

Plz comment

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well it works out almost same.....don't know about TC less than 100 or more than 400.

But if within limits formula works out almost perfect.

So guess LCHF more useful to lower LDL.


Side effects of statins:




Greater risk of various diseases due to cholesterol reduction which is necessary for various hormone production 

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brother i reduce my  LDL/HDL ratio to 60 % without any statins , the doctors prescribed me , but i refused to take d medicines , the ratio above said was 7.852 at d time of diagnose, now is 3.42 ...with diet only ..u just improve ur diets and include slight exercise in ue regime . gud luck

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