How to increase HDL

Recently I got my blood examined.

Lipid Profile Mini :

Cholesterol (Total), serum by Enzymatic method 71

Triglycerides, serum by Enzymatic method 98

HDL Cholesterol, serum by Enzymatic method 38

VLDL Cholestrol, serum by calculation 20 5

LDL Cholesterol, serum by calculation 13

Cholesterol(Total)/HDL Cholesterol Ratio 1.87

LDL Cholesterol/HDL Cholesterol Ratio 0.35

Glycated Hemoglobin (HbA1C), by HPLC 7.10

Test Description Observed Value Biological Reference Interval

Clinical Chemistry :

Urea, serum by GLDH-urease 19 17 to 49 mg/dL

Creatinine, serum by Jaffe w/o deproteinization 1.08 0.6 to 1.2 mg/dL

SGPT (ALT), serum by Enzymatic Method 28 Upto 65 U/Lt

SGOT (AST), serum by Enzymatic method 22 15 - 37 IU/Lt

I would appreciate experts views about this report.

I have started flex seeds duly grind in both meals, use of olive oil on salads,


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  • Are u on statins? What's the dose?

  • What is statins. ? I take Glucomet 500 SR & Glynese MF. Ecosprin & Telma 40

  • Statin is cholesterol lowering medicine.

    Your cholesterol levels are very low.

  • No I m not on statin

  • Have butter

  • I eat methi seeds soaked on earlier night, Many a times I eat garlic in lunch. That's all

  • Means low colecholester is also problem ?

  • Yes

  • Up saturated fat intake. VCO, Eggs, Ghee, Butter.

  • HDL should be more than 40. TG should not be more than 150.

  • TG should always be < 100.

  • When you adopt LCHF it is possible that TG may raise. It can go up to 150 without any problem provided HDL also go up.

  • Only in the interim it may for some when the body fat melts. Otherwise, even iin the short term of say 6 months, it falls like a rock and stays there. The only exception being genetic -- Familial hypertriglyceridemia

    It should be < 100.

    TG/HDL -- ideally should not be more than 2.5, preferred if it is 1.5. Higher number is an indirect measure of Insulin resistance.

  • Mr Ramzan , What are your levels ? Are they low ?

  • My latest test results are as given below and I follow LCHF with IF:

    Serum Cholesterol:142(150-250)






  • and not on statin...right?? alwaysoptimistic

  • Yes!

    Med-free!! :)

  • alwaysoptimistic

    Excellent. No need to reduce cholesterol further.

  • Thank you, suramo! I will try my best!!

  • Mine is also LCHF. I do eat eggs, ghee, VCO, malai. year back my all parameters were near normal except HDL which is always below 40.

    Should there be some mistake by Lab, as my all parameters are very low. Should I recheck it?

  • Yes, recheck from some other lab.

  • anup

    it's fine we are worried about the lipids but they are an indirect indicators of our bs control. More important is bs control and insulin levels. One has to lose weight to decrease ir. And this is important because howsoever low one's lipids might be if there is inflammation and damage to to arterial inner walls lipids / cholesterol must go and repair that. So i firmly believe that even if lipids are better than the best bs control is the vital to prevent vascular accidents.

  • If there's inflammation, won't lipids be high? I always keep asking this question to myself.

    Yes, BS control -- more importantly insulin control -- should always be the prime objective. Get the same to lower end of the range should be our target.

  • Anup

    "If there's inflammation, won't lipids be high?"

    Should be but see the lipid profile of my friend i presented here a few days back. His lipids are pretty well.

    Ldl 54. tc 124 hdl 46.

    Still he has all his three vessels completely blocked. We have to find out many more such cases. So not always lipid profile gets high even if inflammatory process is going on in the body.

  • Hmm.

    Interesting. So should this be regarded as -- since there's no more room left for Cholesterol to do the patch work since 3 arteries are blcoked -- it is regulated down drastically??

    Or, was your friend on statins?

  • Anup

    I will confirm but no. He was not on statins but put on statins now by cardio. What for i don't know. There is no question of cholesterol going down. I think lipids are controlled by different sets of genes unrelated to D genes. I told you that my friend whom i'm referring has strong genes. I know all his brothers. Actually one younger brother also has 3 vessels blocked and he didn't undergo cabg surgery for at least 3 years as i know.

    And coronaries are not the only arteries requiring patch work. There are many places requiring patch work

  • Anup

    also i'm yet to understand how one can achieve hdl more than 60. Do more than 60 levels exist ?

  • Yes, Dr B had HDL of 118 as of 2006

    As of 2006, Bernstein had an HDL cholesterol of 118

  • suramo I guess there ae few members (active members) on forum who got HDL more than 60.

    @anup may be able to tell the names...

    I think ShooterGeorge got near to 60 ??

  • kanchan13 , IIRC, has 100+

  • cure


    may be there are different methods of measuring hdl each having different normal values. 60 ok but 70+ and 118. Too hard to believe and understand.

  • cure

    Must be on the way. Tell me how many reports have you received ? 14 pages in total ?

  • My hdl was 39-42 when they say normal is 40+. I switched to lvhf now its above 70. Please note you MUST do some walks may be little sternous exercise as eating alone wont up HDL.

    Exercise is a must for hdl to increase on body.

  • My recent lab report:

    FBS 95

    Chol 129

    Tg 54

    HDL 59

    LDL 62

    VLDL 10

    Chol/HDL 2

    Blood Urea Nitrogen 9.3

    Creatinine 1.0

    TC 6300

    PC 156

    Hb 13.5

    PCV 42.9

    PPBS 86

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