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Uncontrolled Diabetes can lead to Brain Stroke!

We all know, what can uncontrolled diabetes can damage. Heart, Kidney and Eyes, plus create lot of other health issues. But uncontrolled Diabetes can lead to brain stroke. A friend of mine, with uncontrolled diabetes (Hb1AC 11.6) had severe infraction in the pons area of his brain and lost partial sensation on the left side of his body.

If your sugar is not under control, because of bad lifestyle, or ineffective oral medication, don't hesitate to use Inulin injection under medical supervision and advice. There is nothing wrong. Lifestyle changes and diet control is a must, irrespective of use of Insulin. Be sure to take any medication under medical advice.

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Hello Sir,

My sugar levels are not under control.  But I had stopped medication from the last 15 days. Saw the doctor yesterday only and the doctor prescribed januvet and Glycomet sp for 15 days.  said he will review after 14 days after medication.  

My doubt is that from when onwards should we use insulin injection ? will the doctor prescribe this over a period of time after using oral medications ?  I have been discovered diabetic in Jan this year.

Yesterday my FS was 189 and PP 300




another doubt is if we start insulin, it has to be taken life long or can be discountinued (upon doctor's advise) over a period of time ?


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