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can any type of liver diseases leads to diabetics?


because i have heard that when men does not able to digest carbohydrate, fat, protein then only this diabetics diseases occur, and liver has a great role in digestion of food?

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yes vice versa.give your details at

my name is anup sen . a 36yrs old male . before few month a usg report shows fatty changes in liver. now i have problem in passing tools means it doesnot come normally.stools are not normal colour. i was 70 kg before four month now i am 64kg. but i didnot do any thing for weight loss. i have measure sugar level after meal it gives 350. before seventh month it was in normal range. i feel it is not a sugar diseases but it is due to a special kind of liver disorder. i hope if i recover from this liver problem my sugar level will come normally to the range

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i have not to go urine frequently till now which is a symptom of diabetics. but i feel hungrey, thristry.

sent email to you.Certainly this is alarming condition of liver.Naturopathy has proven results.

Can cirohotic liver be cured.

if liver is functioning partially,it can be cured but gradually,and will take its will have to rely with positive thinking.As positive thinking also play its own and effective role.

Can you suggest something? It is working partially.

Dear SIr ,

I have experienced same as Anup Sen , I feel piercing pain in my liver region after eating and after some time it comes to normal !

Please advise the treatment in naturopathy !

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can you tell me how liver disorder can leads to diabetics. i know if diabetics occur then it can damage liver . but how liver diseases.....


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how sir...

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