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Dear Shooter George:

I saw your query regarding the PhD paper on Long Wheat. I reeproduice a reference to a Long Wheat research paper and you by one Mr.Suresh Babu, which I reproduce here below.

I have downloaded the interesting paper and wiill try to send the same as an e mail attachment to you, if I know your e mail id. The paper which deals with types of chappatis and lapsi, quantifies the carbohydrate analysis and details study done on sample size of subjects. As you will find therein, the paper has been accepted by the concerned university. It dioes not however mention "Kaswnji" made using Long Wheat"

Regards and best wishes,


Diabetes and Long Wheat (DICOCCUM WHEAT)

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Dear Friends,

Kindly have a look on the link given below, which gives more information on long wheat (DICOCCUM WHEAT). I got this link while searching information for long wheat (DICOCCUM WHEAT).

My special thanks to Mr George, as I already under long wheat diet as advised by him

Please share your opinion.

Thanks and regards,

Suresh Babu

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Interesting GI & GL outcomes of adding methi and Bengal gram (horse or black gram) to wheat flour.


The full paper, which I got from one of earlier poster ( dssureshbabu) posts, though the link in that post appears to be no longer working.



Bengal gram or chana dal has very low glycemic response compared to most of the cereals. It has high fibre and protein. In experiment they have mixed chana dal flour with wheat. The glycemic lowering response is due to addition of bengal gram flour.

I would say instead of doing this if LW is eaten as Mr. George has suggested the benefit is more. Even any wheat mixed with chana dal gives similar results. Only problem is it difficult to make rotis from the mixture.

For Diabetic Management, It is always better to talk of Insulin Index rather Glycemic Index. Naturally any seeds / grains / pulses will have least GI and higher Insulin Index. Also these will increase HDL-Cholesterol.

narasimhan2003 and Suresh Babu: Thanks for sharing. Is not the two pages of

a bit too technical for lay people like me to act on?

It is a thesis for PhD and has to be technical.


narasimhan2003: Yes it has to confirm to research issue definition and objective. It was for this reason I put another question right away (5-6 hours ago) which I copy paste here: Would I be on track if I add horse gram and methi dana to whole wheat flour whilst getting chapatti made? [Is there any quantified outcome of adding ground flax seed to chapatti flour?]

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medfree Absolutely. I did not find the advantage that great but it is preferable to wheat as per Mendosa...(Glycemic Index and Glycemic Load web site)

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Agree with you medfree.

Would I be on track if I add horse gram and methi dana to whole wheat flour whilst getting chapatti made? [Is there any quantified outcome of adding ground flax seed to chapatti flour?]

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medfree: Yes known benefit (absorption by human system) rates are 0-30% for flax seed.

For vegetarians.

You can get long wheat rawa bits ( samba wheat rawa) and bigger bits for gruel under brand name 'Doinle Horse' it is costly, half kg costing Rs. 68.

My husband got the wheat from Chalai Market and it had to be cleaned. We got it powdered and tonight I plan to make chapathi.

The gruel, even with the small sized ones, kept my PPBS at night at 120. It is usually 220 in spite on medication.

I will try chapathi, puttu etc and report.

I tried a millet diet. It reduced my medication but I kept eating mangoes and plantains and custard apple plentiful at home. Now I will follow shooterji . I am also doing Dr. LV Prasad's exercises ( video on you tube) and using more fats such as ghee, eggs, coconut oil, olive oil etc.

Buy 2 x1 kg weights and follow the Exercises on sweet cure for diabetes. It reduces insulin resistance, perhaps because of energised lymphatic circulation. Lymphatic system is also a vital circulatory system, but forgotten often. The exercises are simple and needs no other equipment and can be done anywhere.

Long wheat or Emmer Wheat is the natural wheat. It does not cause or aggravate gluten intolerance or leaky gut.

I saw a blog consolidating all sorts of scientific research on diabtes.

Thank you Mr. George for your perseverance. . Should have listened to you 3 years ago.


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Sorry. It is Double Horse. There are other brands also.

Dear Mr Narasimhan,

I tried long wheat porridge and my PPBS after breakfast and dinner hovered around 120-130. After eating 2 long wheat chapathi ( made from two egg sized balls of dough) last night with just pickle and raw tomato-onion salad it was 226. But this morning, after consuming 1/2 of puttu from a long puttu cake with one small plantain and sautéed ladies finger, it was 126. I think the dinner issue is because our metabolism is lower at night and I just sit and read after dinner whet as I am busy with housework in the morning.

Dear all,

Please read the following also. I think diabetes is a symptom and root cause may differ in different persons.

Mine started with extreme stress. When I turned to prayer and meditation, I was diabetes and BP free for 5 years. It came back with another stress and an extremely busy, exercise and free time excluded life.

I will try to walk around for 30 min following dinner and check. I think there is a proverb about sleeping after lunch and walking after dinner in Malayalam.

Hope we find a solution.

I tried the Newcastle cure. Lost 2 kg, not more. Am already not overweight. But Indians have higher fat to muscle ratio and visceral fat.

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