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Is diabetes really a killer disease ???

Very rarely one hears that some one has died of diabetes. People die either of renal failure,heart disease,hypertension or brain stroke ! As a matter of fact diabetes is not even a disease . It is a disorder,a metabolic disorder. How can a disorder be killing? At best it is a nuisance. More so when it is a man made disease. A conspiracy conceived by big pharma industry in collaboration with world health bodies. These health bodies get huge grants to run their institutions. The scientific community actively helping by misinterpreting genuine researches.

Sugar in blood is a normal phenomenon. What if it goes high, a normal body metabolic process. Do we really need to interfere in the natural process occurring in our system ?

Do you remember a not long ago it is said that blood sugar above 140 mg is diabetes . This made people diabetic all over the world. But the greed of pharmacy industry is unlimited. So the para meters lowered , now 120mg is set as dead line for diabetes. Lo and behold more people became diabetic overnight. But the story does not end here, they further lowered the limit to 100 mg. so more and more are labelled diabetics. And the vested interest has the last laugh.


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i agree with ragivrao.

Diabetes is a killer disease.

It aggrevates certain life threatening conditions like infection and septicemia. Also it interferes with the treatment.

One should not take the disease lightly. Blood fluctuations in diabetics and nondiabetics have a different significance. While nondiabetics clear the sugar rapidity we diabetics are poor in that. Also our vessels have suffered insult because of diabetes. A simple gall bladdder stone disease in nondiabetics turns into a lethal disease in diabetics because a gb with stones catches infection soon in D. Also such infection spreads easily to the blood causing septicemia. Infection in gb in ND can be controlled easily but not in D. This is just one example. Any disease in D has more severe and serious course.

Again a toe injury in a ND goes unnoticed but in D can lead to gangrene and amputation.

Yes. Diabetes is a killer disease.

D= diabetics

ND= non D

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This post was written in lighter vein. But most people failed to grasp the humour and took things very seriously. So as usual last laugh is always mine.


Perfectly agreed! ThesePharma Giants in gloves with. Drs.scaring the diabetics which is nothing more than harmone imbalance ,set rt,by my dr.withiut even medicines,insulin,purely by dietary control,,,certainly not a killer variety..


Diabetes is blessing for human, It teaches that how you live & enjoy your life fully, Make diabetes your friend, what is required by this friend, do with full pleasure. This friend becomes your anime, when you oppose him, doing against their requirements.

He teach you eating, exercise, guide you about your mental status that it will always in pleasant  state, free from tension, worry, hurry & phobia's etc.



Absolute utter nonsense. Politeness precludes what I would really like to say!



I agree with the second part but not with the first part, @ patliputra.


When you think its blessing for you than you enjoyed new system necessary for controlling diabetes, When you think diabetes is your killer, than your state of mind will in horror and you are doing all things as an punishment.

In my view in both the cases the change only on attitude NOT for carelessness, and I never support such life style creates complications.

I feel that diabetes compel you for change in big way, that saves you from many health troubles. This work as first WARNING SIGNAL for your health issues.

Its upon you that you take every aspect as POSITIVE or as NEGATIVE, Its my way to avoid negativity from mind that to see another side of this coin- As POSITIVE.

Thanks for every body.


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