6.30 Am –2 spoon methi(Fenugreek) soaked in one glass of water for whole night and taken this water along with soaked methi (fenugreek).

8 .00 Am ---2 egg Omelet+20 badam or 100 nos of Badam soakaed in water for whole night or 3 Egg omelet

10.00 Am –one cup coffee with milk +2 sugar free tablet for subsite of sugar

11.45 am –one cup of Green tea without sugar

1.30 noon ---300 gm cauliflower sabbji or 250 gm Karala or 300 gm bendi sabbji or 3 omelet( if omelet is not taken on break fast )

3.00 Pm –Green tea one cup with out sugar

4.30 Pm –25 raw badam +one cup green tea without sugar +one apple

7.30 Pm -2 spoon methi(Fenugreek) soaked in one glass of water for whole night and taken this water along with soaked methi (fenugreek).

9.00-9.30 pm ----300 gm grilled chicken or 200 gm cauliflower sabbji+salad or 250 gm Karala +salad or 300 gm bendi sabbji +salad or 3 omelet( if omelet is not taken on break fast )



Moring after breakfast -500 mg metformin (TAB NAME-GLYNASE-MF500 MG)



After use this LCHF my sugar level is same for the 2 week as Befor breakfast is 180-210 and after 2 hours food –some time is lower when I am eat badam only to reduced -160-170 or if I am eat 3 egg omelet it will be 220 mg

Please suggest my medicine is or or I will take more dosage of medicine

Waiting for all your comments and reply


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10 Replies

  • Basic question:

    What is the total CARBS, Protein, FAT content for the day's diet that you have posted?

  • i donot know that carbs content ,that is why i post as along with qty of my LCHF plan diet .Any one give suggestion according t this above food as carbs content ?

    Thanks to all

  • Then pl learn how to count carbs/proteins/fat. That's the basic of LCHF else for every meal you will have to ask same question. Here's a link on how to do it:

    A three week exercise of doing this is all that it needs as all eatables going into meals will be covered by then.

  • When in India Buy FENFURO Capsules(fenugreek seed extract )

    Add this to your breakfast n dinner

    You will get a major relief in 3mnths

  • Will Metformin affect liver? The nerve pain and numbness the side effects because of Metformin? Can someone reply for all our benefit please. Thanks in advance

  • LCHF doesn't conk of LIPIDS and it has been proven again and again, by and large. High Carb Low fat diet does conk off lipids for sure.

  • We ON LCHF diet are keeping an eye for deacdes. It has only improved -- except in case of hyper-responders. It's the CARBS that kick up TG and not FAT. This has been proven again and again.

    For five years I have been on LCHF diet like more than 600+ Indian diabetics LIPIDS haven't gone bad. Many have gone off STATINS.

    BTW, Total Cholesterol is a useless number. It has no relation with CVD/CHD. FAT conking off LIPIDS on LCHF iet is a LIE. There are lot of studies to prove this.

  • In medication include glimpepiride.

    Before breakfast and dinner take 500mgs metamorphine & 1mg glimpiride (Amaryl 1mg)

  • I feel your over all food intake is more, just try to reduce to 75% if you can.

  • I saw the replies so far and the details of the food you eat. Questions for you:

    1) What do you eat with the sabji at lunch and at night?

    2) What are your PP blood sugar readings?

    3) If I understand correctly your fasting readings are 180-210? You said those are the readings before breakfast. Do you take them before you drink the methi water and seeds or after? Fasting blood sugar reading should be the first thing you take when you wake up. Note those readings. Then PP readings should be taken 2 hours after you start eating your lunch and dinner.

    I personally do not follow LCHF and I AM NOT AGAINST LCHF. There are plenty of people here who could provide you details of how you can fit your food intake within LCHF diet. Based on the info you have given about your food intake, here is what I would like to suggest:

    1) Dont start the day with methi water and seed. It can certainly induce acidity. Instead of that eat your badaam or omlette within 30-45 minutes after you wake up. If you want you can eat "methi sprouts" along with that. If you are interested I can give you a simple method of making methi sprouts. So if you eat your breakfast between 7 and 7:30am, you should be taking your fasting bs reading before that and the PP breakfast 2 hours after you start eating breakfast.

    2) If you are used to taking tea or coffee, you can have green tea or coffee with milk 2 hours or more after eating brekfast.

    3) You should skip that second caffeinated drink you take at 11:45am and instead have your lunch at 12 or 12:15pm.

    4) You can have the green tea at 3 or 3:30pm

    5) If you are used to evening snack, then eat the apple around 5pm. You can try to eat some walnut (akrod) along with it since you eat badaam in the morning. I would highly recommend that you eat soaked nuts all the time. So to eat the baddam in morning, soak them overnight or you can even soak them for 12 hours then throw the water and leave them covered for another 12 hours. You soak the walnuts the same way too. Make sure you eat the evening snack after your evening walk if you walk at that time or atleast an hour before you walk.

    6) Skip the 7pm methi water and seeds. If possible eat dinner early at 8 or 8:30pm. Again try to do it immediately after the walk exercise if you went for a walk after your evening snack. The body needs to be fed after exercise.

    7) I have not taken any medicines for diabetes so I cannot comment about your medicines but all I would say is talk to your doctor about the medications. Also has he asked you to take the night medicine after meals or before meals?

    Good luck and let me know the answers to the questions I asked.


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