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sugar level not coming down

I have been diagnoised Diabetic 4 years bck. My fasting 175 &pp was 260. After medications, it came down to 140 & 170 and were constant.I was taking walk avg 2.5 kms.since last one year i am not taking walk due to knee problem.last month checked bsl they are ff240 and pp 275 Doctor has increased one more dose od Trivoib2. can someone guide how can i control sugar as walking not possible

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Shift to low carb diet

Inc proteins and good fats like ghee. Butter. Vco. Paneer. Cheese. Eggs.

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Very bad advice. Never never any milk derivative products on a regular basis. Dietician can help you. Do Yoga or Pranayama as a replacement for walking. Increase vegetables & greens. Abhore white coloured foods like rice, milk.


Dear KCBGupta

Dietician will recommend 60% carbohydrates

Sugar = Simple carbohydrate

Complex Carbohydrates = Complex sugars

Diabetes = Impaired carbohydrate tolerance.

So a low carb diet will work

Milk products are safe.. No need to worry.

It's a Vegan propaganda that milk products are not good.

Infact chesee is a fermentated product with probiotic property

Butter is needed as it provides CLA which is beneficial.

Paneer provides proteins which does not spike blood sugar unlike carbs.

Greens are good but we need fats and proteins also.

I take as much as 5 veggies a day plus sprouts.

Don't worry sir... With low carb diet we get good control.

2 months back I got an Hba1c of 4.8 which is unthinkable with a diet recommended by a dietician.

All the best..


2 talbe soppn extra virgin olive oil before sleep and 2tbs upon waking first thing ..... after one week write your results here soo others can benefit too


and one more thing time period between consuming olive oil and breakfast will be minimum one hour


Please consult for a second opinion from another doctor. But before going to the doctor carry out some essential blood tests like hba1c, lipid profile, liver function test. Don't waste time. However, you need not to panic at all about your sugar levels as you have been detected with it only four years back and there are lots of medicines in our country to tackle your situation. My aged mother, a diabetic and her left leg was operated four years ago which restricted her movement a lot. But even then she still doesn't live a sedentary lifestyle. Please procure a walker (cost is very much affordable) even for a middle class family and must have some movements. I have seen quite aged persons in our locality moving through walkers in the morning. Please don't be upset with your condition and consult another qualified orthopaedic doctor who might advice you for some physiotherapy on your knees as this is the only treatment coupled with some vitamin d medicines and it will do wonder for you. So please immediately visit qualified endocrinologist and orthopaedic doctors which I do regularly as I am also diabetic with osteoarthritis and have faith on them. You will be surprised to see how older people are doing pretty well under advisement of qualified allopathic doctors nowadays with the problems that you have. There are quite a number of top class Govt Hospitals like, AIIMS, Delhi, PGI, Chandigarh, ZIPMER, Pondicherry, CMC, Vellore etc. much better than private hospitals to treat such basic problems of yours and the list is expanding every year. You can also check the list of top fifteen hospitals for different categories of medical treatments all across India for the year 2016 published in a weekly magazine recently.

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Thank you so much Tanmay for valueble advice yes I will take second opinion .


A practical & perfect advise.


Pls take Salacia oblonga one capsule after breakfast and one capsule after dinner

This capsule u can buy on line in Amazon.in


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