How to cure Diabetic foot wound ?

I am diabetic from last 20 years my glucose levels are fasting 130 PP 180. But there is wound on my left food it's location is its on the sole of the foot and from last 8 months DAILY dressing is going on wound is not infected & recovering but recovery is very slow and daily after the gap of 7-8 hours a water type substance & blood comes out of wound & makes the wound wet. Please advice what to do to keep the wound dry so that it can heal fast.


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  • A1C < 5.6 is first step.

    PPBS 1 Hr 140 max

    PPBS 2 Hr 120 max

    FBS ~90

    You case shows how horrible ADA's safe values are.

    High Sugar kills bit by bit.

    Change diet to LCHF.

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  • If the diabetic foot ulcer is large, skin graft may be done in consultation with a diabetic specialist. Skin grafting is a type of graft surgery involving the transplantation of skin. The transplanted tissue is called a skin graft. Skin grafting is often used to treat: Extensive wounding or trauma.

    You have not stated HbA1c level. Improving HbA1c level by 1% for people with type 1 diabetes or type 2 diabetes cut the risk of microvascular complications by 25%.

    Research also shown that people with type 2 diabetes who reduce their HbA1c by 1% are:

    19% less likely to suffer cataracts.

    16% less likely to suffer heart failure.

    43% less likely to suffer amputation or death due to peripheral vascular disease.


  • Go for a well balanced diet as per your choice and liking for your diabetes . The best way.

    As for your wound best way is to keep it open. But as sole of foot is affected it has to be covered with light dressing. Please keep your wound open for a few hours in sun light. If that is not feasible , foment it it in artificial light of electric table lamp. Soon it will help to dry the wound and help in healing.

  • dear

    try kalmegh powder start from 1/4th spoon quantity if you feel too much motion reduce the quantitity continue the same for 10 days there after reduce the dose to 1/6 and 1/8 th of spoon you wil find control over diabetic and also wound to get healed

    apart from above medicine try work out stepper dailly for 5 minutes tereafter increase it to gradually 10 to 15 minutes .

    do not increase the diate and suguar quantity

    kalmegh powder is available from ayurvedic stores it is called chireyta also kariyatu in hindi and gujrati kalmegh is called in sanskrit and bengali

  • Pl.dont take risk & show to Diabetic foot care specialist.seems blood flow to limbs are affected due to uncontroll diabetese.I am at Pune & heard about Hyperberic treatment at Mangeshkaar hospital.its a special treatment with targetted excess oxygen to heal the wound.try find out more on Google.Wish u get well soon.

  • For curing Diabetic ulser, the best option is to normalise Blood Sugar level. If you find it difficult, I can help you. I have not only controlled but cured my Diabetes.

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