How to maintain low sugar level

This is my personal experience and would like to share with fellow members of this club.

I have been regularly receiving ivillage news letters on health issues.

There was a reference to our herbal remedies.

I followed these practices:

1. Add half a teaspoon of turmeric powder either in your morning juice or egg omlette.

2. Take breakfast without any carbohydrates; I take a cupfull of Channa dal cooked with salt and turmeric powder with an egg omlette.

This practice has reduced my sugar level to around 130 PPBS.

Also you can take juice of amla mixed with turmeric powder.

I still continue this practice along with metformin 500mg thrice daily.

Also I read Ginger reduces triglycerides. Regularly take one glass of ginger juice.

To my surprise after three months the level of trigycerides have come down to around 150 from earlier level of 240. hence cholestral level too is about 150.

Of course regular workout for 30 minutes also done.

May this information benefit the fellow members.


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30 Replies

  • Turmeric does help in overall health. Real thing to benefit is LOW CARB. I have been saying this on almost all threads and in fact had a long discussion with one doctor on this board and he scared me with heart problems when i said that LOW Carb has helped everyone. CARB is the real culprit and normally no doctor or dietician stresses on this fact.

    My breakfast cum lunch is normally a 2-3 egg omlette with veg/onion/tomatoe and cheese 1 chapatti and 1 cup milk boiled with turmeric + pepper and having almonds and walnut. The day i cannot take eggs it is substituted with fruits or paneer made stuff, daal chilla etc.

    As a type 2 just balance your diet to around 100-120 gms carb a day spread across 3-4 meals and sugar will be in control. Of course drink lot of water and walk walk and walk :)

  • yes . Low CARB is a must. If add one slice of bread it increases sugar level by 20 point and for one iddli 50 points whereas if you eat one more cup of channa if you feel very hungry it does not increase sugar level. Thanks for your comments

  • Is the omelette complete with yellow also, or it is only egg white.m with vegetables, because yolk of egg is a strong cholesterol builder. Please clarify

  • Full egg.

  • Yes,Omelette complete with yellow also. It is a myth that full egg will add to cholesterol. If worried about cholesterol and have problem, take vegetable juice blended with ginger regularly atleast for 48 days. You will be amazed to see your triglyceride level coming down to acceptable level. Please try.

  • What if I take the dry ginger powder insted of of ginger. Pl advice.

  • My experience is with ginger. If ginger powder has same strength you can try .

  • If you reduce CARBOHYDRATE intake triglycerides will fall like a rock.

  • balanced diet is the key to good health. I have been following 5/2 diet which has helped me to lose weight and control my sugar level too . I eat normal diet for 5 days and on 2 day consume only 500 calories . I excercise regularly by doing pranayama for an hour in the morning and walking nearly 7 to 8 miles on treadmill through out the day.....and this has indeed helped me. I think each one of us have to find a formula that suits us.

  • Dear

    Turmeric does help in overall health

    because of there intention to attract global.

    otherwise our turmeric is nothing just a spices

    dear turmeric is also a carbohydrate compound same as tubers

    do u think why carbohydrate not assimilate your body need.

    think about that

    you will be find the answer through the science of life Ayurveda.

  • diet exercise medicines

  • agreed.

  • Diet = Aahar= Nutritional need

    Exercise= Nindra= Physical hygiene

    Medicine = brahmacharya = moral hygiene

    think about that think the science of life Ayurveda.

  • Leave turmeric stick overnight in half glass of water next day morning u drink very effective for diabetes,many of my patients tried thx drgupta alternative therapist 09848023458 hyd

  • Thanks to reinforce my faith on turmeric.

  • THANKS FOR THE SUGGESTION DOCTOR. Let my try this and let you know

    my sugar level after ten days.

  • i think this turmeric stick remedy should work, because of its inherent curing properties.

    vijai vir


  • Remarkable experience

  • Along with turmeric free herbal diabetic tulsi drops at our diabetic center free of cyst till 31st march 2013'details drgupta09848023458 thx

  • I am Gurgaon based.How can I get it please

  • For Tulsi you can switch to Tulsi Green tea which is available from Organic India. It's all Organic stuff also so better. Don;t take any milk tea. Just green tea with lemon.

  • It's completely free thx

  • Pl let me give yr suggesion 1)my sugar level is 160/225 i always take GLYGIPHAGE G1 before lunch & dinner. But i do not feel to go for walking becoz dalness. 2) i have BP 95/160

    I took 1 tab cresar ii in morning . PL TELL ME HOE TO COME TO ENJOY NORMAL LIFE. Thanks

  • Please give a list of regular Indian Vegetable recipes suitable for diabetes. Breakfast Lunch and Dinner. Shall be obliged.

  • Vegetarian Recipes

  • My suggestion:

    Morning tea: Black tea without sugar/ vegetable juice with ginger

    Breakfast: A cup of channa dal cooked with salt and turmeric powder; green salad;

    you can take the water drained out of cooked channa dal.

    Lunch: 2 chappathis, with a dal curry and raitha

    Evening : to munch with fried nuts or take vada with black coffee without sugar

    Night: 2 chappathis or Poori with vegetable curry with a cup of milk with turmeric powder added..

    No other carbohydrates to be added.

    For variety you can replace chappathi with wheat rava cooked.

    you should have complete control on the quantity of chappathi/ cooked wheat.

    Try for a month and check your sugar level.

    Best wishes.

  • (1) If coffee can be repalced with green tea with tulsi and lemon added it would be great

    (2) Chapati or poorie intake to be less. I say this because 1 Indian chapati is approximately 40 gm in weight and that amounts to 22 gm CARB.

    (3) Add loads of dish made from paneer made at home. Always make the paneer at home from milk.

    (4) For a change one can also take rajma and chholay once in a while. Those days make sure chapati is 1/meal and fill up with salad, raita etc :)

    (5) Baigan ka bharta is also good. This is because it also helps in controlling cholestrol.

    (6) Gobhi ka paratha is nice filler. Restrict to just 1.

    (7) Take as much green veg as you like.

    There are many variants. Whenever you eat something new always test BGL and make a note of it.

    POTATO, chips, poha to be avoided in completely.

    I take 200gms CURD with small quantity of orange, apple, pomegranate, water soaked nuts nuts, grapes added with jeera, salt to taste and i can skip one full meal. Curd should be 1 day old. This will give you a feeling of being full for longer time. Add cream (malai) to this and it will still be better :)

  • Thnx and very god . Give some herbal treatment for high BP

  • yes sir, ur 100% correct by using Turmeric powere sugar controle will be there

    I have seen USA many of the stores it is available as FENU GREEK caps 500 pack

  • Yes Fenu greek powder and cinnamon powder also reduce the sugar level.

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