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Got my FBS 246, Needs help

I checked my FBS yesterday and it is 246.8. I am taking glimperide 1 before breakfast. In the afternoon I am taking 5 chapatis, 1 glass milk in the evening. At night 5 chapatis. What else should I do to control it.

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May I take corn. That's bhutta in hindi and curd.


Nope. Corn has lots of carbs as well.


Thanks, what quantity of dahi could be taken.


what about makki ki roti ! is it harmful also for diabatics


As medfree suggested it is harmful




With so much high carb consumption it is hard to control BS levels.

Search on this site for LCHF.

To understand LCHF diet visit following site.



assuming your taking 10 + 5 Roti on daily basis then your carbs intakes is roughly 15g to 20g per chappati on lesser side you are loading 225 g + of carbs on daily basis + sabzi and other munching which you also might be doing , well thats too much for a HBS Person to handle even with Meds if you go to the doc will increase the dose ? if you don't want that to happen Please reduce your Carbs to <100g daily limit " LCHF" read in this forum lot has been said already so reduce your carbs and keep a active life it will reduce your readings drastically and keep testing .


Dear Sadiqcis,

Though I m not an expert for this but one thing I would like to suggest u that

the biggest symptom of a diabetic person is that that he is more hungry than

a normal person and food intake quantum is also more. U may reduce FBS considerably

by changing your food intake habits, As I m also a diabetic from last

16 years, and while taking dinner when my wife refuse to serve additional chapati

I m not having any word here to express my anger.

I have reduced my FBS around 125 now by taking chapatis of raw barley (JAV). Go to

small ATTA CHAKKI shop and ask for raw barley , get the same cleaned by washing

take back barley/JAV again to ATTA CHAKKI for grinding and making ATTA . Now u may take

additional chapatis also with green vegetable. Always take dinner around 8PM (atleast

2 hours before sleeping). Avoid taking milk at night. Take regular medicine as prescribed

by your Dr and exercise regularley. I m 100% sure that ur FBS will come to normal.


Thanks MPShri


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How much it cost?


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