Some tips to control and reduce your blood sugar & medicine

Recently I am taking below steps and getting good result to reduce my insulin intake quantity.

1) Go for morning walk every day.

2) Take sunlight between 7 am to 10 am.

3) Strictly controlled diet every day ( Around three chapatis & one bowl of cooked rice ) with one and half or two glass of water while taking food. It helps to fill your stomach without taking extra carbs and promote better digestion. ( Follow this if you are on insulin not on pills )

4) Acupressure on Pituitary, Thyroid , Para-Thyroid and Pancreas points. First three are important & helpful points for Autoimmune disease.


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  • dear

    with this if you take meha mix cap for two to three times you can stop taking insulin within 90 days. visit and product vanita ayur researh - meha mix. This will give very good results.

  • please suggest the diet for patient on pills, does one bowl of rice can be taken daily regularly by sugar patients

  • How about some vitamin supplements too. do not go for starvation diet it is harmful.

  • water consumption during intake of food may not be good. generally it is believed that intake of water should be either half-an hour before the food or half an hour after the food. need clarification on this.

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