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Some tips to control and reduce your blood sugar & medicine

Recently I am taking below steps and getting good result to reduce my insulin intake quantity.

1) Go for morning walk every day.

2) Take sunlight between 7 am to 10 am.

3) Strictly controlled diet every day ( Around three chapatis & one bowl of cooked rice ) with one and half or two glass of water while taking food. It helps to fill your stomach without taking extra carbs and promote better digestion. ( Follow this if you are on insulin not on pills )

4) Acupressure on Pituitary, Thyroid , Para-Thyroid and Pancreas points. First three are important & helpful points for Autoimmune disease.

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with this if you take meha mix cap for two to three times you can stop taking insulin within 90 days. visit purandaregroup.com and product vanita ayur researh - meha mix. This will give very good results.


please suggest the diet for patient on pills, does one bowl of rice can be taken daily regularly by sugar patients


How about some vitamin supplements too. do not go for starvation diet it is harmful.


water consumption during intake of food may not be good. generally it is believed that intake of water should be either half-an hour before the food or half an hour after the food. need clarification on this.


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