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Diabetic diet

I am 69; undergone heart bypass a year back. My fasting bs is now about 130 (self-checked by one-touch)

after taking "Glycinorm M60 OD" one tab a day. This I am taking for last 5-6 years. After surgery I was taking insulin injections, which was stopped after 6 months.

I am hearing about LCHF diet. Can anyone give a little more details of what items to include and what not (I am non-veg.)

I understand that carbohydrates to be kept below 100 gms per day. That may be Rice, Wheat, bread etc.

What about pulses, vegetables, fruits, chicken, fish, ghee/butter etc. Which are considered high-fat category, and also will not be bad for heart?

Secondly, I am hearing about Paneer dodi; is it safe?


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hi sumit

will not elaborate much , but in simple words CARBS to be taken in modration amount ie roti n rice shud be avoided , if brown rice it shud water strained n not more then one catori , no need to count carbs , it wont help instead do one week programme by checking your BS after every meal n write it down , this way ull know wat suites u or not , every individual is diffrent from each other , in my case maida does not rise my BS and i drink alchohol at night and my fasting is 118 almost every day i do regular wirk outs for20 min cardio n cycling. pls dont try any other remidies just reduce carbs it helped me



dear anup my FBS is always in limit , around 118


my fbs used to be at 135 and post at 190 , since my lfe style changes i have brought it down to some level down , watchin further results n sure for a positive one 😊


Many thanks for your reply.

Are you taking any medicines?



no sumit i am not as i believe i can change my life style n do away with the same , i fimely trust that this is life style disease 😊


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