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Chest Pain due to Diabetic


I am 40 years of age and diabetic since last 9 years. For the last couple of months I have been having chest pain after having food. I have got all heart & Gastro related checks i.e. TMT,ECHO,Angiography ,Endoscopy etc and everything is normal. As per doctor it could be due to Diabetic.

I would like to know if someone have similar experience and if yes what treatment was taken.

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Thanks for reply, I have got my checkup done in Manipal & Fortis Hospital in Bangalore so I hope doctors are good enough to advice but issue is they are working out on ruling out things like Heart issue or Gastro issue but none are providing reason for it and saying may be its due to Diabetic.

I am 82 Kg and 5 Feet 8 inches so weight wise I am little over weight but not too much.

I was on glycomet Trio 2 ,Razel 5 & Thyronorm 150 mg till 2 weeks back and after the pain the I am on Forsiga 10 mg & Onglyza instead of Trio 2 and rest of the medicine are same plus ecosprin 75 mg.


Can you please give details of your chest pain ? Site and side of chest pain, any radiation of pain towards shoulder and arms,any relation to related abdominal condition, etc. Continuous or intermittent ,any disturbance of sleep due to pain .


It was radiating towards left side Jaw and ear however after recent changes in medicines and my own effort to walk and exercise it has reduced a lot but after lunch I can feel its radiating towards arm pits and back.


Generally diabetics don't feel pain in chest due to cardiac causes and investigations have ruled out any cardiac pathology. Sometimes simple spasm of chest muscles is the culprit which improves with regular dose of aspirin and some b.complex, preferably injections. But as you are improving nothing more needs to done.


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