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need suggestions(type 2 diet)

I am type 2, 43 Year old, overweight diabetic, now started taking LCHF diet, which is as follows

3 high fibre brown bread with toned milk in morning

fruit salads(papaya ,gaazar etc.) in afternoon

nuts in the evening time

3 roti with salads and vegeteables(ladies finger , green sabzi) etc. in the night

Any suggestion regarding my diet...........

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Milk does not work well for me any kind

Bread and roti is not appropriate

Try to stay on boiled vegetables, soups, raw vegetables, add butter to your soups if no problem with high cholesterol.


Its only 2 rotis during dinner

I will take full fat milk

Lunch , I take only salad

In the evening time i take Ground nuts after every 2 hours

Morning High fiber brown bread(3 with milk)

Any suggestion Anup ?


Your diet seems ok.what about exercise.? 30minutes morning walk and 30 minutes yoga will help to reduce weight.try


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