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Type 2 Diabetic of 5 years face rise in FBS and PPBS even with increased medicine

Age 63 indian. Taking medicine for last 5/6 years, Glycomet GP2 and also Pioglit were fine. Was reasonably OK for 4/5 yrs but BS started to increase last year. FBS shoot up from 110 to 140/150 and PPBS to 200+. Medicines not helping much. Tried Zalra etc. Currently take New Triglucored Forte 3 times along with load of supplements/vitamins like CCM, DSN, ECN etc. Still not good. Hb1AC was 7.4 and likely to increase gradually. Prostrate enlarged but PSA about 1.0.

Like to know :

1. Is it time to do c_peptide to check whether Insulin is required? How docs determine this?

2. Shall I do more trials with good Homeopath / Ayurveda

3. I have noted the suggestions in favor of Low Carb diet and I am sure it will help. But will that be sufficient with medium exercise etc? Which Fats I can take?

4. How to improve 'energy'- I think peripheral neuropathy has set in for me.

5. I am afraid that a metabolic disorder is the reason showing in loose muscle tone and pot belly etc..What should be my treatment approach - visit endocrinologist ?

Any suggestions welcome so that I can do further research which the doctors here hardly do - as it seems.

This blog space look to be genuine and I am happy with whatever posted so far.

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Dear fried,send me your address,I will post you the best Ayurvedic medicine,given us by God,free.Try it,my e-mail: 2010svk@gmail.com

All the best,mr.Sergii.


Please provide me detail of the medicine or themedicine itself

thanks sugathan

c c sugatha ,choliparambil house,Elamthuruthy, Kuttanellur.p.o,Thrissur 680014.kerala.



Tomorrow I will send.Details inside.


I am a diabetic for the last 10 yrs. Using karela juice and gurmar powder morning and evening but not able to control BS. Help me pl.


try allopathic medicines along with insulin.


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In spite of taking this much allopathy medicines your blood sugar levels are not effected in your favour, however you are still following the same path. We do not criticize any system or practice of medicine but is advisable to switch on to Ayurveda Therapy gradually.

I prescribe some of the very effective Ayurveda Aushadhis for you.

1) Chandra Prabha Vati ( 2-2-2) for one month after that (2-0-2). (This is a very beneficial Ayurvedic drug which can cure 16 types of Pramehas)

2) Vasant Kusumakar Ras ( one tab with break fast and one before dinner) (This will help to lower the Sugar levals fast. Keep the BS monitoring.)

3) Rasayan Churna 5 to 10 grams with warm water every morning and before sleep, this will balance all the doshas of your body which will hep you to maintain metabolic system of your body)

4) Take a leave of mango tree, boil it in 500 ml of fresh water for 10 mins, let the water turn into natural temperature cool nessl it and have it in after noon after lunch.

pls take regular meals , do not take oily, spicy foods, avoid rice , daal and potato for one month , do not skip your meals , you can take daliya for one month for better results.

If you feel hungry in between have stuffed rice with some roasted chana, one slice of wheat bread, blue berrys are very beneficial in DM.

Drink at least 15 glass water every day, do not stop any/all medicines prescribed by your doctor till you reach to satisfactory level of controlling sugar. keep track of your blood sugar level at the interval of every 15 to 20 days.

Recommended Yogasans :-

1) Savasana

2) Vajra San( immediately after meals for 3 to 10 mins)

3) Anu Lom Vilomb

4) Kapalbhati

5) Padma San or Sukhasan (At least 10 mins morning and 10 mins evening)

Regular brisk walking with help to dissolve extra glucose from your body. Take brisk walk starting 5 minutes to 30 mins gradually in the morning and evening 3 days a week)


Many thanks for your concern and kind suggestions. Where do we get those medicines and what will be cost? Also please explain why the medicine for Prameha - is it constitutional consideration?

Eventually I am doing fine with LCHF diet last one month. My sugar is now betwwen 100 and 150 throughout the day. My target now is weight loss and energy gain.

Best Regards.


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