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With diet and excercise I brought down my glucose (whole blood) to107 fasting and 131 pp Is it safe to continue without medicine?

I am 65, 45 days back, during annual checkup found my blood sugar 291 fasting and 391 PP. I consulted three doctors- including one expert in diabetics. All told me to start metformin. I did not start the medicine, bu started taking bitter guard+cucumber juice and ladies finger juice in the morning. I totally stopped rice and eat whole wheat bread, wheat porridge and vegetables. After the first 15 days my sugar (serum) came down to 126 fasting and 153 PP. Now after 45 days, of dieting and excecise my glucose (whole blood) has come down to107 fasting and 131 pp Is it safe to continue without medicine?

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Please keep monitoring and as long as the numbers remain in the safe zone,I do not think you need any medication.Please keep blogging for the benefit of all of us.


I agree. Keep carbohydrate intake between 10 and 14 portions per day (1 portion = 10g carbohydrate), ideally 3 meals x 4 carb portions. uk.sitestat.com/diabetes/we...

Eat low GI carbs glycemicindex.com/

Make up the balance of your meals with natural, additive-free, unprocessed protein and fat foods.


dont take any chance. follow doctors advice always. however diet and exercise helps in improving overall health and keeeps you active always


Can you elaborate on this? The objectives of medicine is to keep the glucose level within the limits. So if the level is kept down through diet and excercise, why medication?


I feel no doctor will advise medication if the numbers are in safe limits.But it is our duty to learn every thing about diabetes in all it.ramifications and act accordingly.


Continue the diet and home medicines. In addition try some yoga excercises and monitor the levels. In my opinion there is no need to have any allopathic medicines now.


Thanks Venkataraman, Concerned, Vadlamani and Satasha for useful tips. How reliable is the ACCU-CHECK and how much it differ from the serum glucose ?


Why do you torture yourself? Eat whatever you want in moderation and keep exercising and brisk walks. If the sugar level do not come down take medicines or insulin shots. At this age you need to enjoy life and not to torture yourself with severe diet controls.


yes , you are right. good advice.


This is what we did earlier & now with diabetes

Better we control our diet & be off pills

Costly pills & costly side effects can be avoided



Mr sugu u dint include ur wt bp or lever and kidney status so beside diabetes /sugar ,,medicine/prescription all the things must be related ..only to manage sugar level is not sufficient take care ur other correlated things also..................gpsharma


My bp is 80/120 on drug 0 .25 biprolol fumarate. LFT is OK, creatnine 1.1. The organ damage occurs when the glucose level remains high is it not? LDL an total cholesterol are on the higher side, tryglyceride OK. Then as long as the glucose levels remain within safe limits, is there any need for medicine. The idea of keeping medicine out is (1) to avoid side effects, and (2) chances of having to increase the dose and finally switch to insulin.


Mr GP Sharma is rite. In addition Hba1c status is not included. Nor even the levels of LDL and HDL cholesterol levels. Just keeping BS levels in normal range doenot help completely once diabetes sets in. Hba1c indicates howlong a person has been diabetic and the extent of glycolated RBC indicates the need no need for medication. With such levels of BS on intial testing means high Hba1c levels.


Nice..mr sugu..but keep ur self in touch with us..inform us time to time..Also read out the massage of mr vinge6206 ....balance ur diet as well ..u can loose wt in near future & feel fatigue..so take care..GPSharma


hi sugu, you did a good job. keeping sugar to the desirable level with out medicine is very very good. the prime reason for all diabetic complication is the side effect of the medicine.

respond to your own body's language i.e.your feelings, pain etc and consult a doctor accordingly. do not ignore the same.


here is my update.

I check my blood glucose level every week, On my present diet and exercise regime, my readings today is 107 fasting and 110 PP (both values Accu-check). I have now modified my diet by limiting the intake of carb to 100 to 120 g a day.

My carb sources are broken samba wheat, whole wheat bread (63% carb), dosa made of ragi and atta (50-50), and normal phulka roti. I take plenty of salads comprising lettuce, cucumber, and ivy gourd (kova kaaya Malayalam or dondkaaya in Telugu)

My fat sources are egg white, chicken and fish.

I do some limited yoga (mostly praanayaama) and walk for 45 min to 1 hour every day. I am not able to do vigorous exercise/yoga or fast walking due to hip fracture surgery that I have undergone one and half year back.

I take three home medicines daily (1) soaking one ladies finger in a cup of water overnight and drinking the water every morning in empty stomach. (2) Drinking a big cup of freshly made juice of bitter gourd, cucumber and ivy gourd. (3) A spoon full of fenugreek powder.

So far so good.

Advise on this:

How much cashew nut (in g please) can I eat a day ? Is there any restriction on chicken ? What about margarine in place of butter (of course in moderate quantity)?

I will keep you posted every week.




Nice work

Keep off pills

Drop cashew

Add walnuts & Almonds

Cashew has higher carbs


well done , you are on the right track. Carry on .

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