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Hi all,

Myself Shankar Mishra age 29 years diagnoised with diabetes on 17th August. At the time of diagnosis my sugar levels were fasting 300 pp 540.

doc adviced me to go for insulin i was on 12-0-6 unit along with galvus met 5/500 1-0-1 after 7 days my levels became fbs 92 ppbs 160. Doc stopped my insulin but continued my tablet. But Many time at night i felt serious Hypo.

Doc cut my doses to 1/2-0-1/2 .

Currently my figure is fbs 97 and ppbs 110.

Doc stopped my medicine and told me just maintain your level with diet and excercise.

I am watching my sugar level every sunday and my levels are completely controlled now. Yes i do go for gym in the evening daily and go for brisk walking daily in the morning.

At the time of diagnosis my C-Peptide Level is 0.39

i will go for it again. But i never understand what it means if it comes low. Kindly let me know about this.

I specially thanks to Mr. ANUP and Mr. Sanoj for their guidance and support.


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  • LCHF diet wins HANDS down as far as reducing drugs and at the same time getting non diabetic numbers is concerned. Don't worry about all the NONSENSE that's spread against LCHF by people who have absolutely ZERO knowledge about Nutritional Ketosis and LCHF diet. They are just reciting some drug company sponsored research. Drug companies are scared of LCHF diet as it would eat into their sales and profit so they sponsor and rig research.

    I am DRUG free for fifth year running. No parameter has gone bad in all these five years. All that long-term talks are baseless. If year-to-year reports are showing fine then some VOODOO magic can only cause long-term bad effect. Let's think logically :)

    And, I am not just an exception. Millions of diabetics around the world live by LCHF diet and enjoy great numbers. It helps even a diabetic with 30 years of diabetic history:

  • Yes,LCHF works!

  • Dear Anup,

    You are fantastic... What do you eat yaa Habibi...?

  • Dear Jaffy - I eat what ADA experts tell me not to eat. I do exactly the opposite of ADA/AMA/AHA/Mayo and it has served me well all these years. Not even a single penny spent on Warfarin, statins, metformin, glimi etc in these five years almost.

  • Can u share your diet plan with us please..

  • Check forum on my profile -

  • Low c-peptide levels mean you are producing lower insulin than normal. Test your fasting insulin also. It can indicate whether you are insulin resistant or not.

  • Hi Shankar,

    What is your diet....?

  • Kindly let me know your doctor name, address, mobile number and email id



  • Very Doctor believes in treating Diabetes without medicine. I have contacted a Doctor name A.K.Mishra in my home town. But he didnot tell me to go off to medicine. I think No doctor will tell you that.

    Indian doctor just prescribing medicine , medicine and medicine. The main reason of your elevated sugar is your diet. nothing else (if you are type 2).

    Just change your diet plan you will live more active life as before.

    No people wants to change their lifestyle and food. which is the root cause of daibetes. No one wants to awake @ 6 am and walk some KMs. No one wants to quit their Eating habit. Chalta hai attitude is very dangerous.

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