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VIDEO _ Evidencing LCHF really works

Hello every one:

I saw a video that was uploaded in DLIFE website, which is being maintained by another great pandit among us.

As always, HATS OFF TO THEM.

Not sure if this was uplaoded already.

I thought I could share this with you, if this was not already uploaded in this website.

Here it is to prove that LCHF really works.


Please bear with the heavy British accent.

Good luck to every one

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Hi Mr. Anup:

Thanks and we are grateful to you for all your research and kindness to share your thoughts.

Several members in the forum do know the value of your initiative and inputs.

We always look foward to that.


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"several members in the forum do know the value of your initiative and inputs"


I am one of them!

Please let me to know-How to change user name on dlife.in?

In fact,I do not want to use my real name there but want to be regular.

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Does LCHF diet manage blood sugar or improve/ restore insulin sensitivity?


It improves both BS and insulin sensitivity.

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Then, there are many ways. Could this probably reverse diabetes? Think what a blow it would be for diabetologists, nephrologist, ophthalmic surgeons, and pharma industry,

It is a lonely road, fighting diabetes with unconventional means. That is why these forums are important. No doctor I know would answer my questions. In fact my diabetologists said he would not permit me to try dietary approaches and for the last 5 years, I have no medical advice.

I do not think I can manage LCHF. I will come back to it if the present moderate diet with more carbs and no added fat and limited animal proteins.

I am glad that this forum is there.


We are increasingly becoming trained animals- our parents, our teachers and finally our doctors keep us going in 'some direction' of their choice. Aren't they? By the time we 'realize' our self the grave takes over!


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