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Long Wheat

I am new to this forum but have read a lot about the LWMDR therapy. I am 50 now and have been diagnosed three years back. Currently on Metformin 850 mg twice a day. I do one hour Yoga and my height-weight is 5'7" and 70kg. My FBS is normally 110-115 and PP is 140 -150. I want to cut down on medicine by trying long wheat. Can someone tell me in detail recommended usage / methodology.

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Please give HbA1c and Serum Insulin values also. Then only the real status of Diabetes will be clear. Without a complete picture of the initial condition, assessing improvement in future will be difficult.

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Dear sir,

Thanks for your reply.

My HbA1c has varied from 5.8 (two times) and 6.8 (once) in last two years. It is generally 6.2. I am not aware of the Serum insulin. My doc never suggested to get this test.

Does this info help? Rgds V.S.Sharma


FBS, PPBS, RBS as well as HbA1c are dependent on Serum Insulin. If that info also is available the picture will be complete. Docs are of the opinion that SI info is not required for clinical purpose but I feel it is not so. Recently one patient had an SI value ten times that of the upper limit. In spite of that he had to take Insulin shots to keep BS in check.


George Sir,

Kindly help me. I am in Dubai. My FBS : 108 to 129, My PBS : 110 to 145

I don't take any medicine.

I want to control with Long Wheat. But i am not able to find LW in Dubai.

recently i eat chapatis made of mixed grains available ready made. I tested PBS after one hour it was 221 mg. But after two hours its 122 mg.

I am really scared. Please help George Sir...


Your Sugar Level is not in acceptable range.

Kindly cut down your carb and do exercise.

If you dont want to eat tablet then you have to be strict in your diet.


Thanks Sir


Dont Call me Sir .

I am too young :)


Thanks jorge sir.


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