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long wheat


long wheat is available produced on my farm at rate Rs 50/- per kg

contact no. 09822670872

b a shinde

newasa , dist ahmednagar. maharashtra

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Will you arrange delivery after receiving the order??

If you want delevery in maharashtra then it is possible by state transport service thank you

Is it possible deliver to Bangalore.

Not possible to Banglor

in reply to nasrullah

where can we get long wheat in Bangalore

Mr Shinde why dont you have an arrangement with some whole sale dealers in APMC market in Turbhe? That way we can all order it easily.

in reply to Thri

If you know any dealer in apmc then i can sell him but i have Vert small quantity and it will get at more cost to you

in reply to bshindepatil11

Then how can we get it in Mumbai??? If I order 10kg what is the best way?

in reply to Thri

I can send it by state transport ie ST you have to collect it from Mumbai central

how we can get it in delhi

Sorry It is not possible in delhi

Can send delhi by railway transpprt

Shinde Sir,

Is it possible to deliver long wheat at my house in Dombivli, Thane Dist near Kalyan. If so, what is the minimum quantity to be ordered and rate and delivery charges.

R P Shivkumar


Hi in Bangalore you get in Niligirs Brigade Road they are sale for Rs.95/=.

Nasrullah khan.

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