After 18 days of LWMDR

I have been taking LW since 8 June my FBs was 111 PPBS 146 on 9 June. Fbs 116 and PPBS 149 on 12june. Fbs 116 and PPBS 128 on 18 June. Fbs 104 and PPBS 157 on 26 June. I am 40 yrs diabetic since 21nov 2014. My weight 70kg, and height 5.6". My day starts with Luke warm water LWMDR in break fast and glass of milk with shilajit liquid baba ram dev medicine. Lunch chapati daal vegetable curd salad. Evening pea nuts and gram. Again in dinner LWMDR with curd and salad. Allopathic Medicine I am taking Metgel 1 tablet in morning after breakfast Vozuca 0.5 Tab after lunch and dinner. Also taking tamato, bitter gourd, cucumber and fenugreek seed mixed juice. I want to know how I am going as I want to leave allopathic medicine completely. Pls guide and advice. Thanks Amit


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  • Amit2175: You are also taking drugs! I am very positive that LWMDR works because of Shooter George's experience (read about him and his wife, both first class researchers in a scientific field)...However, in your case the reduction is still small and is it possible that because of other factors/care, your scores were on the decline even without Long Grain Wheat?

  • No when detected it was fbs 330 and ppbs 420 on nov 21, 2015. Responded well with allopathic n diet as I completely restricted sweets, fruits, potato, rice etc. now I want to leave allopathic medicine n wish reduction in Bs. I have started Lwmdr on 8 June 2015.

  • Shooter George: I have not seen her case but somebody who knows you guys mentioned about your ethics and expertise in use of scientific method in research.

  • Yes I saw that comment about your research orientation and both you and your spouse being true scientists in response by someone in defense of implied accusation that you may possibly be misleading. Though I may have read it after May/June 2014, it could have been an older post...[ Situation: A expressed doubt that there could be other thins at work than JUST long wheat. B saw it and wrote back that because of Shooter George's training, orientation and vocation he can not be wring, he is a scientist family his wife...

    I wish I had taken a screen shot. Perhaps somewhere else I read some praise from a former colleague as are doing a great job for society and humanity.

  • Hi Amit2175,

    Your weight is touching the upper limit of overweight. FBS & PPBS are quick varying parameters. Hence looking at those for such a short period, I cannot conclude on how you are going; if it were HbA1c it would have been possible. Otherwise you have to ensure that ALL THE ACTIVITIES including food/drink, physical & mental activities 24 hours a day in 7 days a week (24X7) are identical (with respect time also).

    More over Long Wheat may not produce tangible improvement like tablets/injections in a short duration.

  • ok thank u very much sir George for reply. i will continue for some more period then let u know.

  • Okay let us wait.

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