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Dog ran away after persistently being forced to eat Long wheat

A couple of years back, the respected george shooter had posted this:


In Long Wheat Mash Diet Regimen (LWMDR) it is not ATTA, but GRAIN to be used. For four-legged animals gr8 atta may be good feed.

My 8 year old dog is suffering from high sugar levels.

When I tried to mix long wheat mash diet, it used to give weird looks.

Finally, I tried to force feed him.

Result is that he ran away from the gate.

Thankfully, he came after 30 minutes.

But never exhibited such behaviour before.

What could be done to feed him long wheat? Or any other medicine?

Vet is of little use.

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Hmmmm ...actually dog loves his master more....so he wants you to get cured first....plz respect his wish...


Sorry, hilarious!


Dog is primarly meat eaters species,they eat wheat very rarly,Human biengs are just opposite,so do not compare dog with human,although dog is very favoritee of his master and vice versa.


Your post is funny.

My cousin in Delhi married a Punjabi army man. They have a big labrador as pet. Her entire family, even the dog, lives on wheat everyday. No rice at all. Only when her relatives from here visits her, she buys rice from the market and cooks it for them.

So, from what you say, her dog, she had couple before, should have all run away.

Do you mean to say all North Indians, who are basically wheat eaters, are feeding their dog something else, other than their regular diet?


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